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  • February, 1990 Tom Snee works on LaUNChpad.
  • January, 1991 CNIDR kick-off meeting
  • August, 1991 Jonathan Magid hired as a student systems administrator
  • February, 1992 Simon Spero hired to program, support and harrass.
  • February, 1994 Mark at Zang hired to run a Perl archive and co-administer servers, then went on to run the Solaris Package Archive
  • March 1994 Tom Snee leaves
  • January 1995 Judd Knott takes the helm until December 1995.
  • Early 1995 Mark McCarthy hired to do multimedia development
  • Spring, 1995 Kelly Jo Garner hired to work on Cisco Educational Archives
  • June, 1995 Mary Overby comes on board until January 1996.
  • June, 1995 Joe Morris unofficially helps with backups and disaster recovery
  • August 1995 Pratik Patel hired to work on web stuff, database stuff and Edupage.
  • Summer 1995 Michael Williams hired to work on Cisco Educational Archives
  • December 1995 Michael Williams leaves to work for Dykki at Ventana Press
  • July 1996 Michael Williams rehired to work on Cisco Educational Archives
  • March 1996 Todd Stabley hired to do audio, video, and flash work
  • Fall, 1996 Uzoma Nwosu hired to do audio work, Edupage.
  • Spring, 1997 Bascha Harris hired for web design
  • August, 1997 Donald Sizemore, II hired for web work, sysadmin, and office mom position.
  • August, 1998 Adam Fuller hired as student sysadmin when Donald left for Cisco
  • August, 1998 Rajiv Zutshi hired to do database development
  • Fall, 1998 Kelly Jo Garner rehired to work on Cisco Educational Archives
  • Sept, 1998 Miles Efron hired as Linux Archivist
  • Winter, 1998 Bascha Harris leaves for Red Hat
  • May, 1999 Donald Sizemore rehired, Adam Fuller goes back to Cisco
  • May, 1999 Michael Williams graduates and leaves for the corporate hinterlands
  • Summer, 1999 Jason Moore hired to work on Cisco Educational Archives
  • February 2000 John Reuning hired for security, sysadmin
  • March 2000 Serena Fenton hired as Linux Archivist, Collections Index-ist
  • August, 2000 Andre Burton hired to do design and web programming
  • February, 2001 Adriane Boyd hired to do web programming
  • April, 2001 The first of ibiblio's servers are migrated from Solaris to Linux, starting with e-mail and streaming
  • July, 2001 Fred Stutzman hired as full-time systems administrator
  • August, 2001 Miles Efron rehired to research and programming in search and retrieval
  • Jan, 2002 Meichun Li hired to do database work
  • May, 2002 Jason Moore leaves for Los Angeles
  • Jan, 2003 Serena Fenton leaves for public school position
  • May, 2003 Meichun Li leaves for the dental school
  • May, 2003 Delphine Andrews hired to do graphic design
  • May, 2003 Nancy C. Wilson hired to do systems administration
  • May(?), 2005 Sayan Chakraborty to do systems administration/web design
  • May, 2005 Jonathan Mills hired to do systems administration
  • October, 2005 John Reuning leaves for LuLu
  • December 2005 Fred Stutzman leaves for his PhD and ClaimID
  • January, 2006 Ken Chestnutt hired as full-time systems administrator
  • January, 2006 Dan Lucas hired to do web design
  • April, 2006 Donald Sizemore returns as ibiblio cruise director
  • May, 2006 TJ Ward leaves for Lulu
  • Dec, 2006 Cristóbal Palmer hired to do systems administration
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