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Files with a .gz extension are single files compressed with gzip. Files with a .tgz or tar.gz extension are groups of files collected into an archive with tar and then encompressed with gzip.

If you are linking to ibiblio, We don't recommend using URLs that point at a specific piece of software in the archive tree -- such URLs will break every time the software's version number is incremented! It's better to point at a directory.

If you think your reference will need to last the lifetime of a printed book, you should probably just name the program and say "find it on ibiblio.org".

If you make CDs of the ibiblio archive, please read the file info.for.cdrom.vendors in the root directory for some suggestions.

If you have questions about Linux, browse through the archives of the Linux Documentation Project - lots of helpful infoprmation on all aspects of Linux!

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