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The LSM is a publically searchable directory of information about each of the software packages available via FTP for the Linux operating system.

Empty Template

Copy the text below (from "Begin4" through "End") and paste it into your favorite text editor.

Fill in all the values (including a real email address) and save the file, giving it the name of your software package and adding ".lsm" as the file extension.

Then you can upload your software files and the .lsm file via anonymous ftp to Once you've been able to connect to the ibiblio servers, search the directory tree and put the files in /pub/incoming/linux/ (note: We no longer allow uploading to /pub/linux/Incoming/).



Any time you are submitting a new software package, or updating an older entry, you should create an lsm using the template above and submit it with your upload to

DO NOT RENAME FIELDS. DO NOT REMOVE THE BEGIN OR END MARKERS. There are no longer any limits on the fields lengths, but please try to be concise.

Complete as many fields as possible. Mandatory fields: Title, Version, Entered-date, Description, Author, Primary-site.

Do not remove the header "Begin4" and the footer "End". These lines
are essential for archiving the in LSM project.

Title: Full application name - see: /pub/linux/NAMES

Version: Version number - see: /pub/linux/NAMES

Entered-date: Date of when the LSM entry was last modified.

Description: Bgein with a one line description for the database header.A short description of the package should follow.

Keywords: A short list of carefully selected keywords that describe the package.

Author: author@email.address (Author's Name)
Original author(s) of package. Email address first, followed by name in parenthesis
Multiple persons may be given, one per line.

Maintained-by: maintainer@email.address (Maintainer's Name)
Maintainer(s) of Linux port. Same format as Author.

Primary-site: This should be the final location, not an "incoming" directory.

First line lists site and base directory
Next is the sizes and names of all files. The size can be left off.

Alternate-site: One alternate site may be given. It should not be a site that mirrors the primary site.

Original-site: The original package, if this is a port to Linux.

Platforms: Note ususual software or hardware that is required. A floppy disk or a C compiler would not be unusual. A Python interpreter or tape drive probably would be. If the requirements are evident from the description, it need not be repeated here.

Copying-policy: Also known as copyright information.
Use "GPL" for GNU Public License, "BSD" for the Berkeley style of copyright, "Shareware" for shareware, and some other description for other styles of copyrights. If the use or copying requires payment, it must be indicated.
A fuller explanation of licensing theory exists at: /pub/linux/LICENSES/theory.html


Title: Fungimol
Version: 0.2.2
Entered-date: 2000-05-18
Description: Fungimol is an extensible system for designing atomic-scale objects. The intent is to eventually extend it to be a useful system for doing molecular nanotechnology design work. At the moment it's a PDB file viewer and Buckminsterfullerine editor.
Keywords: nanotechnology, hydrocarbon, fungimol, molecular dynamics, pdb, pdb viewer, graphics
Author: (Tim Freeman), (Donald Brenner)
Maintained-by: (Tim Freeman)
2M fungimol-0.2.2-0.i386.rpm
180K brennermd-0.1.0-0.i386.rpm
1.1M fungimol-0.2.2-0.src.rpm
160K brennermd-0.1.0-0.src.rpm
1.1M fungimol-0.2.2.tgz
168K brennermd-0.1.0.tgz
1K fungimol.lsm
Platforms: Built with GNU C++ compiler that supports anonymous namespaces. g++ 2.95.2 definitely works, 2.7.0 might work, prior to 2.7.0 probably won't work. Non-GNU
C++ compiler might work too, but I haven't tried it. Also needs X window, 16 bits-per-pixel or more TrueColor display.
Copying-policy: Gnu Library General Public License (GLPL) 2.0

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