Re: Driving Pet Peeves

rba@augenstein.ultranet.com (Bruce Augenstein) writes:
|doosh@netcom.com (Tom Holub) writes:
|>The basic stuff like the law, I already understand.  The basic stuff like
|>the fact that motorists don't respect the law, or the cyclist's right to
|>travel, I also understand.  What *you* fail to understand is that motorists
|>are *wrong* to disrespect the law and the cyclist's right to travel.
|Tom, any motorist who respects the law is a danger to his or her fellow 
|drivers. Motorists know the speed laws are ridiculous, and drive accordingly. 

_Some_ speed limits in the USA are ridiculous, others are not.

|                                    Any reasonable individual  who drives 
|knows what is safe and what isn't.

Unfortunately, most motorists have such poor driving skills that they
often do not realize what is safe and what is not.  Here are some dangerous
driving habits that I see often:

*  Following too closely.  It is common to see one car length following
   distances on highways.  Seems like this is an easy way to turn a two
   car crash into a multi car crash.
*  Right of way confusion at stop signs.
*  Merging too slowly onto a highway.
*  Passing in the right lane or going slowly in the left lane on a highway.
*  Weaving through traffic even when it is obvious that such action is
   probably futile due to heavy traffic.
*  Not adjusting driving for weather conditions (rain, fog, etc.).

You should also realize that cyclists are generally easy to pass safely,
and they contribute far less to traffic jams (i.e. delays) than additional
cars would, since they take up much less room and can often use road space
that a car cannot use (e.g. sharing a lane with a car).

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