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The Walker Percy Project


Project Participants

In addition to serving the public with no-cost access to its website, The Walker Percy Project would like to thank the numerous people who have participated in its activities, including:

Volunteer Director
Henry Mills
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Volunteer Board (Past)
Garic K. Barranger, Attorney At Law,Covington, LA
Donavan Hall, National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Florida State University
Maureen G. Hewitt, LSU Press, Louisiana State University
Victor A. Kramer, Department of English, Georgia State University
Lewis A. Lawson, Department of English, University of Maryland
Veronica Makowsky, Department of English, University of Connecticut
John R. May, Department of English, Louisiana State University
Marcus Smith, Department of English, Loyola University, New Orleans
Alphonse Vinh, Research Librarian, National Public Radio
Dewey Winburne, President, Interactive Architex; Co-founder, SXSW Interactive Festival
Paul Ryan, New Orleans, LA
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Volunteer Staff (Past)
Allison Finch, Austin, TX (Assistant Director)
Joe Pellegrino, Eastern Kentucky University
Eric Jansson, University of Texas at Austin
Donna Gunter, University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Douglas Mitchell, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Farrell O'Gorman, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Kelly McMahon, Old Dominion University
Ted Atkinson, Louisiana State University
Nathan G. Jennings, Yale University
Donna Rogers Brandt, Austin, TX
Mary Stagg, Baton Rouge, LA
Laura BarfieldHilton Head Island, SC
Jude Bloom, Madison, WI
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Volunteer Advisors (Past)
David C. Duty, USA
Jaime Nubiola, Spain
Elzbieta Oleksy, Poland
George Madathiparampil, India
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Project Sponsors (Past and Present)
Ibiblio Network, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
LSU Network Services, Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge
Austin Technology Incubator, University of Texas at Austin
Interactive Architex, Austin, TX
Maple Street Book Shop, New Orleans, LA
Faust Publishing, New Orleans, LA
Flipnotics Coffeespace, Austin, TX
Highland Coffees, Baton Rouge, LA
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Content Providers
G.K. Barranger
Gene Beyt
Ann McCorquodale Burkhardt
Gary Ciuba
Robert Coles
John F. Desmond
Edward Dupuy
David C. Duty
Stephen Ellis
Rhoda K. Faust
Shelby Foote
Linda Whitney Hobson
Kenneth Laine Ketner
Lewis Lawson
Veronica Makowsky
Henry Mills
Elzbieta Oleksy
Peggy Whitman Prenshaw
James Potts
Louis D. Rubin, Jr.
Patrick H. Samway, S.J
Brent Short
Lewis Simpson
Shelia Stroup
Jay Tolson
Eudora Welty
Bertram Wyatt-Brown
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Dewey Winburne
Bernice T. Percy
Leroy Percy
Rhoda K. Faust*
Roger W. Straus
Margaret and Ames Smith

*Percy photograph in website courtesy of and ©Rhoda K. Faust, Maple Street Book Shop

Mel LeBlanc
Billups P. Percy
Thomas P. Mills
Robert Lokey
Thomas A. Williamson
Clarke Cadzow
Rita Brantner
Fred and Mary Evelyn Lotterhos
Douglas Ferguson
Marcus Smith
Brent Short

Margaret and Van Joffrion
Ken Rosenberger
Charles W. Hill
A. Edward Manier
Bill Jenkins
Kenneth A. Stier Jr.
Elizabeth Johnson
Edward J. Gay III
Kris Johnson
Hugh C. White
Geraldine W. Novak
Mrs. Robert D. Hess
John P. Moore
Steve and Haydee Ellis
Dr. Kenneth Laine Ketner
Robert E. Lauder
Charlotte Smith
Bob Milling
Patrick Snyder

Ted Atkinson
Alexander Novak
William Sullivan
Donavan Hall
Robert F. Devereaux
L. Jerome Taylor, Jr.
Bruce J. Fitch
Danella P. Hero
Veronica Makowsky
John O. Batson
Jerry R. Tompkins
Kenneth Wilson
Michael F. Wright
Tom Abel, D. Min.
James V. Carretta
G. Tracy Mehan, III – in memory of Joseph Renard
Thomas Bliss – in memory of Dorothy Selz
David A. Legier, Jr.

Bertram Wyatt-Brown
Seth M. Guggenheim
David Bulla
Ward Bond
Charlene M. Smith
Eloise Aucoin
Ary Jane Lyle
John Belmonte, S. J.
Frank H. Leavell
Michael M. Cass
Catherine M. Houlahan
Rev. George Madathiparampil – in memory of M.P. Joseph, Madathiparampil
Natasha Hermann
Vincent and Barbara Whelan
Larry Thornberry

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Listerv roster available to members (100+ members)
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