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The Walker Percy Project


Director's Welcome

On behalf of the board, welcome to The Walker Percy Project. We are enthusiastic about the Project not only because of our belief in the work of Walker Percy, but also because of the unique nature of the Project as a collaborative educational and cultural activity.

We have envisioned the Project as a "dynamic information community," as a new paradigm of scholarship and cultural studies dedicated to the important American literary figure it treats. Today, besides offering current resources on Walker Percy, the Project continues to expand ways in which its readers can get involved.

Besides the Project's mainstays in the form of introductory materials and topical essays, comprehensive bibliographies, and current news, we in time hope to add to the scope of the Project more video footage, online conferencing options, and other creative learning tools such as the interactive-allegorical portrait.

If there is something else you would like to see, please let us know. We are indeed grateful to you for your interest in the mission and activities of the Walker Percy Project.

Henry Mills
Volunteer Director & Editor

Asheville, NC

Objectives of The Walker Percy Educational Project, Inc.
  1. Promote recognition for the American Southern "philosophical" novelist Walker Percy as a world-class literary figure and thinker
  2. Offer trans-institutional access to resources, people, and materials related to his work
  3. Foster and nurture a "dynamic learning community" where all persons interested in Percy may explore/exchange ideas about his impact, including scholars, students, and general readers
  4. Use the most advanced communication technologies in the service of education for these objectives, particularly as they can be used to develop an enduring online learning environment.

"The purpose for which the corporation is organized is to promote the cultural impact of the work of the late American writer Walker Percy by promoting public educational activities concerned with his work and thought."

— from the Non-Profit Articles of Incorporation

All Rights Reserved, 1995-2014

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