Af Gitke Taybeles Zavulek
Moyshe Teif

Teif, Moshe (1904-1966) - Yiddish poet, writer, and translator. Lived in Minsk and Moscow. Was imprisoned in 1937 and in 1949-1953. Served in the Red Army during the WWII. His family perished in Minsk ghetto. Books: "Lider un poemes" (Minsk, 1933), "Parizsher komune" (Minsk, 1933), "Tsuzamen: kinder-zamlung" (Minsk, 1935), "Proletarke, shvester mayne" (Minsk, 1935), "Izbrannoe" (translated in Russian, Moskva, 1958), "Rukopozhatie" (translated in Russian, Moskva, 1964), "Oysderveylts" (Moskve, 1965), "Lider, balades, poemes" (Moskve, 1985). Translated into Yiddish Schiller's "Vilhelm Tel" (Minsk, 1935), de Coster's "Til Ulenshpigel" (Moskve, 1938), and other works. 

Citke Taibeles Zavulek - a residential street in the center of Vilna's Jewish Quarter. 

Kulbak, Moyshe (1896-1940) - Yiddish poet and writer. Lived in Vilna, Berlin, and Minsk. Was arrested in 1937. Died in the Soviet prison. 

Vitenberg (Wittenberg), Itzik - the commander of the partisan organization in Vilna getto. Killed by Gestapo in 1943. 

Ponar (Russ. Ponary, Lith. Paneriaj) - a wooded area outside of Vilna, place of the extermination of the Vilna's Jews.