Someone famous (I don't remember who) once said that the beautiful thing about music is it's ability to bypass the intelect and go straight to the soul, the spirit and the emotion. It took me some time to figure this out for myself.
Music may be intelectualized, ask any serious musician or afficionado. You can break it down into it's parts and analyze it, rebuild it and understand it from both a theoretical aspect as well as an interpretive aspect. The main difference between music and the written word, is the ability for one to enjoy, interact with, and be touched by music without the slightest comprehension of it's theoretical or subtextual meanings. If you want proof watch the Grammy's and note that the "best new artist" and the "best album" are usually given to people and pieces without an ounce of intelect. For a more positive example note the increasing popularity in synthetic forms of music such as house, drumandbass, trance and garage. These musical genres, are almost entirely instrumental (no, the irony of that statement is not lost on me) and yet people flock to all night parties to dance to music that makes them want to laugh and cry simultaneously.

I have recently added nine of my own tracks that I consider mostly completed. My production endeavors started in earnest a little over 4 months ago and in that time I have written upwards towards 15 songs. Most of these tracks are not sophisticated enough to see the light of day and none of them can hold up on a big soundsystem. Listen with an ear to the ideas and the musicality. You can criticize my mixing, mastering and sound generation in another 4 months. Please note that 'baloon'was co-written with Jason Moore (aka Yasoon).
update: 01.10.03

mix sets [All sets recorded live unless noted]


[carolina EMS]

[drum'n'bass arena]

[chemical records]
[forced exposure]