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Join me, solider, join me in what They call this war against mediocrity and I call a Revolution against their idea of Substance.
When we examine series fiction we confront unfamiliar literary terrain. The "old school" rules and devices of literature fail here, as series fiction has its own rules and devices. To judge series as one would evaluate a singleton offering would involve applying inappropriate evaluatory criteria. Evaluating series fiction involves an examination of the continuity of the texts, the production of the series line, the appeal to the reader and a bit of literary criticism as well. Additionally, the practice of reading series fiction deserves attention as these texts—because of their structural differences from monographs and difference in presumed value—require a unique reading.
The series reader is a particular kind of reader; the practice of reading series fiction is distinctly different from the practice of reading monographs. Series readers shirk the "common sense" values of the literary elite and forge ahead, volume after volume, alone and mostly unsung.
Sing with me, soldier, sing with me, Zealot.

Biography and Criminology

Name: Amy Pattee

Date of Birth: c. 1974

Affiliations: University of North Carolina at Greensboro (BA, Film Production), 1996,
Rutgers University (MLS), 1999,
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Phd, Library Science), 2004 (expected)

Offenses: Var. crimes against literature, culture

Duties: Teaching Fellow: UNC's INLS 122 (Materials for Young Adults) and INLS 123 (Materials for Children)

Motto: Agency over Anarchy

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