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Infinitive Clause Syntax In The Gospels

Posted: September 16th, 2016, 1:30 pm
by Stirling Bartholomew
A few days ago I was looking for something about the greek infinitive clause and unearthed a 40 year old paper. I searched b-greek archives to see if this paper had ever been discussed and found it in a bibliography but no discussion. The author is addressing Infinitive Clause Syntax from a mix of several frameworks including structuralism, K. Pike, transformational grammar.

Lovelady, Edgar J. Th.M.: 1976 166p.
Infinitive Clause Syntax In The Gospels
Grace Theological Seminary #009-0120 ... 01274.html

Ted Hildebrandt @ Gordon has it online: ... intive.pdf

I got started on this while thinking about a recent question concerning the infinitive “construction” in Plutarch.