Seasoned Greek Prof potentially available for employment

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Re: Seasoned Greek Prof potentially available for employment

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I'm currently in my second online Greek course for Bob Jones University Seminary, in the roles of both developer and facilitator. I also completed the PCOE program (Professional Certificate in Online Education) in instructional design through the University of Wisconsin at Madison. So, while I'm by no means a guru, I speak of online teaching from the standpoint of some experience. And I'm not excited about it. Does that mean I absolutely refuse to teach online? No, not at all. I'm willing to earn my bread by this form of sweat if that's what the Lord appoints for me. And I do work hard at it, and students express appreciation for that labor on their behalf. I think it probable, in fact, that I've actually broken some new ground in the field. For example, my course Foundations for Greek Exegesis contains a six-week crash review of the core of the first three semesters of Greek at BJU. The PowerPoint slides I've developed and the extensive topical index to these review videos (enabling students to click a link from each index entry to bring up the proper video at the proper point within the video) seem unlikley to me to exist elsewhere at a similar level of quality.

But, regardless of whatever the level of my success so far may be, my heart doesn't rise to online teaching; it sinks over it. I've had some fun with the material in certain ways, and it's been rewarding to find solutions to problems that I feared might be intractable, but what really lights my fire is live, interactive TEACHING.

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