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χαιρετε τοις φιλοις τοις καινοις

Posted: January 17th, 2016, 7:51 pm
by Brett Hancock
χαιρετε τοις φιλοις τοις καινοις απο Κηπ καναβεραλ πλοριδα (Cape Canaveral, FL)

Hello everyone. I had signed up in early November last year, but not only had gotten so busy, but I had forgotten the URL to this forum. My apologies that I hadn't given a proper introduction and greeting back then. It is good to see so many people learning Koine Greek and seems for similar motivations as me, and that is to better understand the scriptures and even the early Christian Ante Nicene Father's writings. I have been doing the self study thing for over one year now, using various resources, and just love it. It is exciting to see progress that I can pick up the NT gospels and easier books like 1 John, and follow along pretty well. Not only that, but even reading some snippets here and there, which because of so much repetition, I don't have to translate, my mind is thinking in greek. Pretty cool!

I have enjoyed reading a few posts, but intend to read more. If you are curious what resources I have grabbed a hold of and using, I have been using both the traditional sort of approach used in seminaries where the intent is not for conversing but for reading and translation, and also the Polis Institute book for verbal and audible understanding (i.e. as a living language) with a hope to link up with others to converse. This together with the Polis Institute MP3 audio files, lots of repetition, as well as a bunch of YouTube videos like the three done by the Polis Institute, Mounce, others, and by Paul Nitz YouTube channel, are really helping me. It is challenging with the variety of different pronunciations out there, but I adapt. Regarding the nonaudio materials, I started out using a 3 year program by Christine Gatchell on Koine for Beginners over one year ago, and found it a good start, but falling short. It seems to really be for children. As of late, I have been using both Motorera website by John Baruch and Clayton Croy textbook, but also have used a little bit the Bill Mounce Basics of Biblical Greek textbook. I like how the Clayton Croy text has lots of sentences in each chapter for practice; this has helped immensely, and the biggest short coming of the Christine Gatchell course; not many lengthy sentences in the exercises. Often just short snippets so not enough practice. I try to spend a good bit of time with the Polis materials for the audio practice, so I bounce back and forth with these various materials. I plan to use the Mounce book sometime this year, however I have been using the vocabulary cards. Lots and lots of flashcards for vocabulary as we probably call can relate to. It has been good.

Anything anyone wants to recommend and suggest, I would appreciate it. It seems to me that lots and lots of repetition of the same vocabulary and exercises, then moving on but coming back to review again and again, and then moving on to another new layer to add, is really is bearing fruit.

I live in Florida as you saw above, and I found last summer that Anamaria university about 3 hours from me in SW Florida offered the Polis course last year. They told me a few months ago to check back about this time to see if it will be offered this year. They thought it would be, so I am awaiting to hear from them on that. I hope to attend that this year. It might be a bit tricky getting off of work, but I will pray the Lord opens that door.

One last thing, I had mentioned in another post under projects, that I was doing a website that will include a Greek Chat page where users can communicate back and forth typing Greek, whereby turning one's keyboard into a Koine Greek keyboard. This would be a chat like many use on Facebook but in Koine Greek. Users will be able to indicate what level they are at, so you can link up with Users at your level. I figure this sort of practice of whatever level people are at, they will learn much faster. If interested, let me know.

Brett :D

Re: χαιρετε τοις φιλοις τοις καινοις

Posted: January 18th, 2016, 12:36 pm
by Barry Hofstetter
Welcome, Brett, good to have you aboard. One thing we do have a policy on is a first real and last name to be included either as your screen name or as part of your signature file. If you email one of the moderators, we can make sure it appears correctly.

Re: χαιρετε τοις φιλοις τοις καινοις

Posted: April 2nd, 2017, 5:00 pm
by Brett Hancock
Ευχαριστω σοι Βαρριε. Εγω δε εποιησα τουτο μοι ειπες. Jonathon Robie επεμψε μοι γραφην ελεκτρονικην (email). Νυν δυνασαι ιδειν το ονομα μου Βrett Hancock εστιν.
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