Spelling in GNT editions (split from "Basics of Verbal Aspect in Biblical Greek")

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Re: Spelling in GNT editions (split from "Basics of Verbal Aspect in Biblical Greek")

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Right now, what I have is every New Testament Greek word from every manuscript up to 400 AD, tied to its lemma with associated orthography, which are then grouped into similar forms allowing for phonetical sound-alike variations (i.e. ε=αι, ι=ει, ο=ω, νγ=γγ, etc.), and tied to a master lexical entry. Then for each entry, I show the preferred form, alternative forms and spellings, principal parts, paradigm, and etymology tied to what I call Enhanced Strong Numbers. Precisely the only thing I don’t have at this point is definitions. The people with Unfolding Word have mapped my Enhanced Strong’s Numbers to Abbott-Smith, so there are those definitions, which is a start, but that would not be adequate for my needs. There are also many New Testament Greek words that are not in Abbott-Smith or any other lexicon that I know of for that matter (including BDAG and LSJ). So far I have had to add 421 lexical entries to Strongs (while eliminating some of its entries that weren’t in proper lexical form). Eventually, I will make all of my work available CC-BY-SA when I get it to a presentable form, but now I have had to start measuring things in terms of years, and unfortunately it is currently not anywhere near the front of the queue.
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