Greek Composition 4x4 Challenge

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This forum is for discussing how to do Greek composition and practicing writing in Greek.

If you post in this forum, you are inviting people to critique what you have written and suggest ways to improve it.

Private subforums can be created for groups who want to practice together without exposing their mistakes to the world, or this can be done in public.
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Re: Greek Composition 4x4 Challenge

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Stephen Hughes wrote:
Thomas Dolhanty wrote:It is better to try things out and learn language expression by trial and error in a more closed setting. And that is especially true when the correction is less than subtle. I hasten to add honestly that I am not speaking here from personal experience, nor do I have a personal complaint in this regard.
If yo are referring to me, I think that correction should be absolute, direct, clear, unmixed with either shame or other emotion. Language correction from the outside for some degree sets the pattern or tone for how self-correction from the inside will be done. In my opinion that should be as efficient as possible. Being subtle or polite makes things complex. In a balanced moment, the corrector becomes the corectee's self-correction.

In situation where manners and carrying on are appropriate, corrections can be left for the person themselves to process, understand and apply.
I'm not referring to anyone in particular, Stephen, although you certainly can be blunt sometimes. But I much appreciate your corrections, which have been very helpful for me and are typically quite thoughtful. And I am very confident about your motive in helping a fellow learner. In fact, I agree with you that direct and to the point corrections are most helpful.

My point is not about the corrector, or the corrections, but rather it is about who should be privy to the exchange.
γράφω μαθεῖν
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Re: Greek Composition 4x4 Challenge

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Jonathan Robie wrote:I think it's good to have a composition forum with challenges. I don't mind making some mistakes in public, it's a talent of mine, but I do think correcting and learning from mistakes is helpful. What's the best way to do that?
It is good to alternate between great attention to detail and care for accuracy, then to go as fast and (almost) recklessly, as possible. If it is not clear which type of task you are doing, you could say, "This is an accuracy exercise.", or "This is a fluency exercise.", and leave others to pick up the other side of the balance. You pay attention to what you are doing and others will get your back on other things. In effect you will be corrected for what you are not attempting to do. Sounds strange, but it seems to work.
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