[Dickey] Ch 4: Analysis

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If you are interested and want to get started, or want to look at a sample before you jump in, the intro on accents and the first chapter is available online as a free PDF here .
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[Dickey] Ch 4: Analysis

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Hi ya,

My answers on the analysis.

αʹ. πόλιν accusative, object of preposition
εὖρος accusative, width - dimension measured
πλέθρου genitive, the unit of measurement (c 100 ft)
ὓψος accusative, height – dimension measured
πλέθρων genitive, the unit of measurement

βʹ. Ἔφεσον accusative, place towards which one is moving
Σάρδεων genitive, object of preposition, from (no motion)
ἡμερῶν genitive, the unit of measurement
ὁδόν accusative, journey - dimension measured.

γʹ. πόσου genitive, of value, for how much does he teach ?
μνῶν genitive, of value, 5 minae.

δʹ. ὑστεραίᾳ dative, time at which something occurs, “on the next day”
σταδίους accusative, extent of space

εʹ. πεδίου genitive, object of prep., place through which he went down
σταθμούς accusative, extent of space – four days march.
Ταρσούς accusative, place towards movement is heading
Συεννέσιος genitive, possession
βασίλεια accusative, the palaces
πόλεως genitive, possession, the middle of what ? of the city.
ποταμὸς nominative, subject of the verb to flow
ὄνομα accusative, of respect
εὔρος accusative, dimension measured
πλέθρων genitive, unit of measurement (c 100ft)

ϝʹ. παλτὰ accusative, as object of ἔχω
οὗτοι nominative, subject of λέγονται
χώραν accusative, object of prep. περὶ, around
μισθοῦ genitive, of value, to serve in the army for pay
αὐτῶν genitive, object used with a verb of asking, wanting
αὐτοῖς dative, of possession, “the land for them, [was] mountainous”
χρήματα accusative, object of ἔχουσα, has uses.

ζʹ. ἐγώ nominative, subject of verb
δικαίῳ dative, manner or fashion of doing, adverbial, dative ζῶντι of possession
ἀνθρώπων genitive, possession, the prizes (awards) of men
ἆθλά accusative, object of γίγνεται
ἀγαθοῖς dative, part of adverbial phrase, object of πρός, along with these things
δικαιοσύνη nominative, subject of verb παρείχετο

ηʹ. εὖρος accusative, the dimension measured
ποδῶν genitive, unit of measurement
ὑψὸς accusative, the dimension measured
ταύτῃ dative, object of preposition ἐπί, upon “this”
τεῖχος accusative, object of ἐπῳκοδόμητο
εὖρος accusative, the dimension measured
ποδῶν genitive, unit of measurement
ὑψὸς accusative, the dimension measured
τείχους genitive, possessive, the thing of which the circumference is

Comments, corrections welcome.

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