About the Women's Center

The Women's Center was founded in 1979 as a resource center for all women in Orange County. Since then, program areas have grown and evolved, but the purpose remains: women helping women.

We celebrate the talent, diversity and strength of the women in our community. We strive to overcome the barriers or race, age, income and educational level and sexual orientation so that we can learn from each other in an atmosphere of trust and acceptance.

Through a small staff and a network of dedicated volunteers, the Women's Center serves over 3,000 women each year by providing informational and referral services, counseling and educational programming.

Located in the upstairs of a gracious old house near the center of downtown Chapel Hill, the Women's Center is a place open to all women. Come visit up and see our bulletin board with items of interest to women and explore our current programs.

Information about Membership and Volunteer Opportunities with the Women's Center

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