Window Manager Hint

libggiwmh is a libggi extension whereby wmh stands for 'Window Manager Hints'.

It adds features like moving, resizing, iconifying, z-ordering Windows and more that happen to contain a ggi visual. It is safe to use it even on non-windowed targets. The ggiWmh* functions just fail in that case, where the failure indicates a NOOP.

Branch 0.2

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The branch tag for 0.2.x is branch-0-2. See the CVS documentation on how to getting it.

We have stopped maintaining this branch with the release of libggiwmh 0.2.2 in favour to branch 0.3. However, this branch can be reopened, once a volunteer takes over the maintainership of this branch.

Branch 0.3

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The branch tag for 0.3.x is branch-0-3. See the CVS documentation on how to getting it.

Significant changes since libggiwmh 0.3.2:

  • wmhtest: Only respect requests to switch mode
  • display-x(7): Fix crash when ggiWmhSetTitle() is called before setting a mode

If you encounter any problems or have any questions or fixes, please contact us.

Have a look into the patch tracker. There may be bugfixes that are waiting for feedback to get into this tree.

Development tree

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Significant changes since libggiwmh 0.3.x:

  • new API for flags. See the ggiWmhSetFlags(3) manual for detailed information.
  • new APIs for clipboard interaction. See the ggiWmhClipboardOpen(3) manual for detailed information.
  • Instruct libgg to not try to load dynamic modules when static libggiwmh is used.
  • New flag, GGIWMHFLAG_GRAB_HOTKEYS, that instructs the target that it should try to prevent the window manager (or operating system) from catching hotkeys and from performing the actions bound to the hotkeys. Instead, the keypresses should be fed to the user like normal keys.
  • New flag, GGIWMHFLAG_CATCH_CLOSE, to catch reception of window close events.
  • display-x(7): Implement new GGIWMHFLAG_CATCH_CLOSE. This closes SF Feature Request #638465. Implement new clipboard API.
  • display-quartz(7): Implement ggiWmhMaximize(3).
  • display-directx(7): Implement new GGIWMHFLAG_CATCH_CLOSE and clipboard API.
  • display-vnc(7): New backend.