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The web site located at [ http://ibiblio.org/matusiak/ ] is not responsible for any illegal, short-sighted, or foolish actions performed by any person, group or thing. This site is made public purely for entertainment purposes. No directions included should be followed. No actions advised or imagined should be attempted. It would be foolish to take seriously something you read on the Internet. Again, this site and its author can in no way be held responsible for any actions you take. Be responsible for yourself!

Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy:

I. Contacting the Author via Telephone

Telephones are for secretaries.

II. Contacting the Author Via Email

Address your email to < matusiak @ ibiblio . org >. NOTE: Email address has been altered to prevent collection via automated webbot scans. Also, please do not infer too much from a delayed response. Often there is more mail to respond to than there are minutes in the day. Sometimes messages get backlogged and there is even a remote chance that your mail never reached my Inbox. Some messages don't get responses for a variety of reasons (i.e. SPAM, misdirected mail, etc). If a week has passed and you are still waiting to hear back, maybe you should try a re-send or a completely new message. Be sure to make it exciting!

Also, please recall that email is completely public (for the most part). Precisely, without taking the effort to encrypt a message (via encryption tools like PGP or GnuPG) any messages sent are essentially public property which can be attained from any machine that helps pass that message over the Internet. The email headers of a message include the IP-Originating Address and other information that may compromise your illusion of anonymity. Most people advise only to send in an email what you are prepared to post on the front page of your newspaper. Sounds like good advice to me.

III. Rights to Reuse, Redistribute, Modify, and/or Repurpose Original Content

These pages are presented for public viewing and personal enjoyment. Sending other people links to this site is also allowed, however, you are not allowed to link to images from this site for display on your web pages. Please ask for a copy of the image and use it on your own server. It would also be nice if the image used was a link back to its original page on this site.

Beyond those listed above, you have absolutely no rights to any original content contained within this web site. Should you need to use this content in any other manner, please request permission to do so via email and/or Postal mail.

IV. Copyrighted Material on this site

While I try to keep the use of others images (or others content) to a minimum, when it is done I give proper attribution and often try to link back to the site (or article) it came from. Please understand that all of this content is copyright its original owner. I consider my minimal use and attribution covered under the "Fair Use Doctrine." If a legitimate request is made to take down copyrighted material then it is quite likely that the content will be removed.

V. Your Agreement and Consent to this TOS/AUP Document

If you have already viewed some of my content, then this definitely applies to you. And if you plan on reading beyond this page, then everything listed here within applies to you.

VI. The Contents of This Page Can Be Changed At Any Time

The body and structure of this TOS/AUP document will likely meet with revisions in the future. Please make sure to review this page before viewing the site or consuming any of its content.

VII. Bjork-related stipulations

You can't say no to hope.
You can't say no to happiness.

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