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   04.03.02 around 2 p.m.

okay, i rarely update my page twice in one day, but in this case it had to be done. firstly, i want to wish a big happy birthday to LeAnn!! it was really good to see you and talk with you last nite, LeAnn darling. we really must get together at shorter intervals. ;)

secondly, i just received this link to google's april fools day joke, which is where my new headline comes from. pigeon clusters; hysterical! take a moment today and see how google brings us such amazing results so quickly!!

thirdly, jimmy magoo (who you may remember from my past review of his band) is hosting a party at his house this sunday from 4pm to 8pm and you are all invited! i have created another page here so that you can find out all the details. i certainly hope to see some of you out at jimmy's place. it should really be fun!

lastly, i cleaned up the notes i had posted from the Howard Besser lecture at ncsu yesterday. this should be a tad more readable than the plain text version (which is still available from the link below). please be aware that these are my personal notes from the lecture and are not necessarily representative of Mr. Besser's presentation. he had a lot more info and i only got a little bit of it. i do believe what i have posted is accurate, but it is not the whole story. just a little caveat for you.

dave ;)

04.03.02 around 1 a.m.

so, it appears that the first tuesday of every month is my day. yesterday was, quite simply, a stunningly beautiful day here in north carolina and i got to spend most of the day on the campus of n.c. state in raleigh. d.h. hill library at ncsu hosts the IT Littleton Seminar lecture series and i went to see Howard Besser speak about patents, copyright, and other intellectual properties issues that are affecting libraries, as well as the public at large. the presentation was excellent, being served up with his pismo g3 powerbook via powerpoint for mac. ahhhh.... yet another academic using an apple. this was funny because i was in the back typing lecture notes into my g4 ti book. i think i was the only person using a computer for notetaking which means that the only two computers in the room were macintoshes. word up.

after work i got to have dinner with my folks which was impromptu and really nice. on my way home, i got to return the things to walmart that had to go back, got a little shopping done, picked up the new ODB record from best buy (yeah, i know, “corporate record stores suck!”, but until you buy my records, stop trying to tell me where to shop, beeyaatch!), and then dropped by caffe driade on my way home thru town. just as i was pulling into the driade parking lot, i realized it was JEM's tuesday coffee nite at driade and i got to see him, as well as Kelly Jo and LeAnn (and other cool, unnamed people).

clearly we can extend that the first tuesday of every month is truly my day. for this insight, i am perpetually thankful. hope things are going your way, too.


woo hoo! 78 degrees of blinding sunshine and warm breezes! now this is the weather i live for. sorry for not updating the site over the last 20 days, but i decided that i needed to take off some time (from everything) for myself. it was worth it because now i feel refreshed, energetic, and peaceful. it is fabulous.

the entry below this one was all ready to go on the first day of my vacation, but since i vowed to not check email, watch tv, or surf the net it got back-burnered 'til today. “so what the hell did you do all those days?” you ask. well, cool thomas and i decided to not push ourselves too hard on our little vacation, so we would come up with “one thing” that we would accomplish each day. i think one day our purpose was to eat sushi. on another day it was to see the new mall. and another was to go see that joke-of-an-academy-award-winner a beautiful mind. our pace was exhausting.

now don't get me wrong, i love russell crowe and especially jennifer connelly, but this movie was over-dramatized and not quite accurate. that bothers me. freakin' hollywood has to sensationalize everything. can't we get one honest, interesting, and innovative film out of a year? well, i don't know about “innovative”, but definitely one of the best movies from last year has to be sexy beast where ghandi (ben kingsley) plays the ass-kicking character of his life. this movie is on fire! go rent it now!

well, i gotta jet because i wanna get home and go running while it is still warm and beautiful outside. write me soon. i miss you dearly. you are the best!


hey kids! here is the hot news for the day. i'm taking a vacation! i'm just updating this page to let you know where i've been and where i'm headed. lately, i have been nose-to-the-grindstone concerning some new security vulnerabilities. it started with mod_ssl needing an upgrade, then came the openssh "off-by-one" problem, and now the zlib compression library (and all programs that statically link to zlib) needs to be re-compiled. oy vey.

so, i will be off-line for the next week. just chillin'.
here is my word of the day:
Main Entry:	entropy 
Pronunciation:	'en-tr&-pE
Function:	noun
Inflected Form(s):	plural -pies
Etymology:	International Scientific Vocabulary 2en- + Greek tropE change, 
literally, turn, from trepein to turn
Date:	1875
1 : a measure of the unavailable energy in a closed thermodynamic system 
that is also usually considered to be a measure of the system's disorder 
and that is a property of the system's state and is related to it in such 
a manner that a reversible change in heat in the system produces a change 
in the measure which varies directly with the heat change and inversely 
with the absolute temperature at which the change takes place; broadly : 
the degree of disorder or uncertainty in a system
2 a : the degradation of the matter and energy in the universe to an ultimate 
state of inert uniformity b : a process of degradation or running down or a 
trend to disorder
why is 'entropy' the word of the day? i always thought entropy meant randomness, but i was not aware of the more scientific definition until i looked it up. if you look it up in a few different dictionaries, you will see a few different definitions. however, the word has popped up in a variety of places lately and i felt the need to gain a clearer understanding.


wassup, everybody? so far, it has been one of the more interesting tuesdays in recent history. there are several raging online discussions and i just got $160 worth of books for $17. i *love* book sales.

to get us back to our normally scheduled programming, i have some interesting links for you. peruse. enjoy. flourish!

Enron Owns the GOP dot com
- they mention on the site that the gop is trying to take the site down, so who knows how long it will be able to survive. visit now and tell your friends. all the dirt on bribes and bad wanna-be politicians.

President Moron dot com
- best tribute site to dubya that i have seen. also, copious amounts of info about ashcroft, enron, and all your favorite characters!

Art Crimes
- thanks go out to the lampshade for this link. it is actually graffiti dot org, but they like to call their site art crimes. check out some of the amazing living art!

Carthedral dot com
- this came from internetworkers this morning after a discussion about art cars. i had never seen carthedral; it is totally scary, yet awe-inspiring.

PlayaChicken dot com
- i arrived at this link after seeing the url on the carthedral page. more cool stuff from burning man. and the page has a chicken psychologist! perfect!!

well, my little pablano peppers, i think those links should keep you busy for a while. should you need me, i'll be paging thru my new books and dreaming up ways to improve the info architecture on this site. suggestions?

you asked me why i choked out there that day...    i think i know.

copyright belongs to the damn movie studio, i'm sure.


single white male desperately seeking:

mid-eighties fila tennis shirt(s)
old school fila wrist bands
white head band with red and black stripes
medium ruby tint full coverage glasses with dark solid frames
one stylin' tan cashmere suit

after receiving literally tens of emails (including one from my beloved mariah) about “the picture” i have decided to replace it with something more interesting. the baumer embodies the look i am going for this spring. send word if you locate any of the essentials.
last nite i had the distinct pleasure to experience an entirely new and different type of musical performance in chapel hill. jimmy magoo and his little bang band were at the cave for a very intimate show. please check out my review and let me know what you think. i shall do my best in the future to alert you, my invaluable readers, to upcoming shows by jimmy and friends.

may all be well with you,


okay, folks -- i put my 'film critic' cajones on the line last friday by recommending you go see super troopers. well, thanks to the fantabulous internet, i am now able to point you to a place where you can see the entire eleven minute opening scene, which is pretty damn funny and gives you an idea of what to expect for the next eighty minutes.

make sure you have quicktime, then click here. the small size of the preview does not do this scene justice. you *have* to be in the theater with the screaming audio of the car chase scenes fully enveloping you in order for the magic to work. you might want to huff some gas just before you watch it, too. (sniffing a bunch of white-out might do the trick if you are stuck at work). anyway, you should make it out to the theaters and see this one.

in other news, is that a scary photo atop this page, or what? i don't know what i was thinking by putting it up there. well, i guess i thought it was cool because my friend yugen took it at linda's during the latest snow storm. he calls it “richard d. who?” which i took as a compliment, but the more i look at it, the more scary it becomes. thankfully, kj has obliged to visit with me next weekend and take a picture that better embodies my peaceful aura.


lately i have been trying to be more active in updating and improving these pages and along those lines, i have changed the orange county social club page. now it includes links to other ocsc-related sites. this update was prompted by my visit this thursday where i actually took the time to fill out the membership form. so the next time i go there, i will officially be a card carrying ocsc member. woo hoo!

i went out with some folks tonite to see the new movie super troopers. dude, this movie was totally hilarious. thankfully, this one is not of the mtv-productions-made-for-regular-tv-movie ilk. the broken lizard comedy gang do a fine job of actin' the fools that they obviously love to be. bored vermont troopers who are more incompetent than you would already imagine them being. cameos from wonder woman and the chancellor of rushmore. a must see!

the week ends and the weekend begins. well, until next time...


i've got good news and i've got bad news, people. which do you want first?

okay, i'll give you the good news. i won a live cd (recorded on dat) of the sound of urchin when they opened for tenacious d in toronto (01.24.02). now, none of y'all seem to believe me, but this urchin group is amazing. they opened here for someone at the cradle and, as a result of their performance, i bought both of the eps they had on sale. both of those records made my top albums of 2001 list (they are only 'honorable mentions' because they are not full albums). anyway, i'm getting their live show on cd and can't wait! they also just came out with their first full-length cd entitled “you are the best.” these guys rock!

now on to the bad news. my newest favorite internet humor site is retiring. i've only known of the freedonian for a short while, but already they are calling it quits. the archives will still remain available, but the authors have determined that they do not have the time to devote to it in the future. i will most certainly tip my fourty to the curb for these lost homies.

last but not least, it is valentine's day. wow. i am so... what is that word i am searching for? oh yeah, “pathetically single” is what i was groping for. so, to all you lovebirds out there, and for all you lonely wastoids like me, happy valentines day, yo.


wow, non-stop rain and the breeders at the cats cradle! now that is not something you see everyday. jay j fadd hosted a nice pre-show dinner party and it turned into a pretty awesome evening; too bad no one took pictures.

it was a long day with a lot of driving between raleigh and carrboro. january was a busy month with all the planning and preparing for the move. february was supposed to be chill. however, i feel as if i have not had one moment to just sit and enjoy the new place. everytime i try to do that, i just sit there looking at all the things that need to be done and begin making lists of chores.

i cannot wait to be fully moved in and organized so that i might better enjoy my free time. also, in my opinion, spring can't get here fast enough. that week of warm weather was such a tease!

dave ;)


well, lets get up to speed: recently, i have become a resident of carrboro - so far, so good. it was hard to leave my high-falutin' neighborhood in chapel hill, but since the old house was slowly caving in, i decided it was time to take my personal belongings and run. cleaning two houses concurrently while moving a heinous amount of junk from one location to another has been an exhausting trial. and it still isn't finished.

other news includes a recent screening of mariah's glitter, which was fantastic! if there is one thing that that girl knows how to do, it is sing and wear sexy outfits! rowr! i do think that the “acting” fell by the wayside (for all cast members), but still there were a lot of nice things to see and hear.

the royal tenenbaums was also very good, altho someone kinda spoiled it for me on the way into the theater by mentioning that it “looked like a bunch of half-baked max fischers without a plot.” well, thats okay because i liked it anyway and i got that sucker back when i made him move all my stuff last saturday!

new hip hop on the scene: while this disc is by no means “new,” i did resist its purchase for a long time, but ultimately the catchy mtv track convinced me to fall prey to its charms. ja rule brought us “pain is love” a few months ago, cutting tracks with the likes of j-lo and some other silky-voiced vixens. now, rule's style was always a bit too “shouty” for me, but it appears that he has since learned to incorporate smooth beats and the aforementioned killer lady vocalists. all of which helped out considerably. so, after hearing (and liking) the “always on time” track, i finally had to go get the record and i must say -- it is not bad. there are several good pop dance tracks and some other gangsta-oriented tracks where rule poses along with the best of 'em. if you are looking for a fun, new rap record to try, this one ain't bad.

well, kiddies - that is about all the time i have this morning to update this page. see ya in february!


what is up, my damies?

well, it is almost february 2002 and i would have to say that this year is off to a helluva start. along those lines, i have recently become aware that people (some people anyway) actually visit this page. [notice that i didn't say “read this page.”] to those wonderful people, i say “thank you, my damies! wa da ta!!”

so, i am making it one of my duties to be more active in updating this page and passing along a variety of decent information. of course, you should rely on your own judgement when evaluating this stuff, but c'mon, who better to get critical info from than ol' matusiak? ;)

seriously, i continue to update my bookmarks page to ensure that all the best tech info is available to you in one place (at least pointers to it, anyway). plus, i am slowly getting some of my vast musical info online. like a complete freak, i have reams of documents around my place, but most of it is not in digital format. i'm working on it, yo!

also, i believe i am falling prey to one of the most goober-esqe traits of the internet: a “buddies list.” ick. just thinking of it in that way totally grosses me out. well, here is my lame-assed rationalization for doing so: last nite i took a self-guided cruise thru some of my pals' sites and was even more impressed than usual. so, in order to share their considerable talent with you all (and have nice little clickable links for my lazy ass), i am starting to compile a list of sites made by people i like. deal with it.

here is an interesting bit of techie info: while i was reading an article on o'reilly net concerning the possible sale of red hat linux to aol, i noticed this cute little logo
copyright belongs to o'reilly
and had to click on it. well, it turns out that this may actually be the beginning of a cool and functional piece of technology. from a quick glace, it looks like a way to use xml to create 'channels' for the info you want the most. then it makes sure you get the latest and greatest. sounds cool, huh?

one last thing - if you're checking out these pages and have something to say, why don't you send me an email? i love getting user feedback (of all types) and would like to incorporate your suggestions into future revisions. click my initials down there and let 'er rip.

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