bjorky! phat tuesday


what can i say, yo? it was one cool tuesday. i got to trade music and concert stories with the IT department head in my library. he was telling me about going to see devo, like, back in 1982 or something. i was all like "oh my god!" he came by my desk to return the strokes cd i had lent him. his copy of the hives was still at my house. i gave him the strokes and he gave me the hives. not enough people get to say that about their workplace these days.

the homies and i have been discussing orange room activities again lately. most people want the techie tutorials to start up again. this all prompted me to touch up the orange room site. if you haven't visited lately, please check out

i talked to a guy at mister engine about getting an engine and transmission swap for my busta ass civic hooptie. the guy seemed very knowledgeable and he had faxed me an estimate within an hour - which was more than any of the other shops had done. it is going to cost a lot of dough, but it will still be considerably less than a new car. not to mention how awesome it will be to breath new life into the supercivic.

tonite was supposed to be the night that i finally sold my washer and dryer, but alas the tenth prospective buyer in a row chose not to show up. every single person who calls assures me that they will be by soon and “not to sell it to anyone else,” yet none of them ever show up to even look at the machines. it is a bizarre game i play.

so i went out to dinner with mark and gina at tyler's. which was fine, except for the nasty food they served me - mostly by mistake. oh well. at least i got to change the picture for this page to something as lovely as bjork! i think this has to be one of my favorite photos of all time. bjork is the uber vixen.

the lampshades are coming to visit carrboro this weekend and i couldn't be more excited! while they are here, we get to see both david wilcox and the melvins!! woo hoo!! and don't forget that sunday is father's day. you should get your dad something nice (or at the very least give him a call). it is going to be a busy week. see ya next tuesday...

dave ;)


“what about da da-donk-a-donk butt?”

it has been a busy and interesting week, but i'm thankful it is coming to a close. thanks to cool thomas, we all got to laugh our asses off to this:

“babys gotta keep it real than a mofo as i roll up deep in her steez.”

i don't really care much for crank call humor, but the execution of this one is remarkable. check that directory for a few more clips (that aren't as funny). let's see... what else is going on? well, i'm trying to leave serif fonts behind because some designer friends will not stop with the incessant bitching about serifs. whaddya think?? is this site suddenly “more readable?” i'm immersed in a pretty large-scale upgrade project at work. i'm installing red hat linux 7.3 on a test machine at work. i'm corralling developers to re-work the internetworkers site (it soooooo needs it). and i'm trying (unsuccessfully, so far) to get a lawn company to come remove my infestation of poison ivy.

does that sound like the life of a wild and crazy guy or what? yup. thats me, folks. always livin' life on the edge. la vida loca. and all that good stuff. i was working on updating my online personal ad, but now that i've heard the one created by the well-endowed playa i'm not sure mine will hold up to such intense scrutiny. i think i need to make mine more graphic, as well. let me know your thoughts on this subject. i also got my latest minidisc creation out the door and into the hands of some patient individuals. and for stress relief, i have begun work on the next massive music distribution project. stay tuned.

i want to bust a double horizontal on your ass.


some days it seems like i get a million things accomplished and other days it seems like i get nothing done all day. weird how that is. anyway, today was quite productive, both at work and home. one of these tasks was updating my pages that relate to the triangle. i am trying to work up a directory full of info about this area. you can find it all here.

please feel free to send me additions or corrections for those pages! more detail will be added as i go along. maybe you can make it out to some of these great shows?

in other news, did you know that the price of a postage stamp is going up 3 more cents (to thirty-seven cents) on june 3, 2002? those folks are pushing their luck!

random things on my mind yesterday on my bus ride home:
while examining the totebag of a fellow bus rider today, i thought about the origin of all the patches affixed to this bag and how they were all individually wearing with age; each representing a different stage in the great patch lifecycle; each degrading at a dissimilar and unique pace. most of them appeared to be from naval bases and space centers around the country.

at that point, the synapse fired and made a connection to the fact that i am famous for archiving things like this, always waiting for the precise “best time” to employ them. essentially, i have bags of patches, stickers, and the like - all waiting for the “perfect application.” none of them ever get used. the perfect home or situation never manifests. so, i ask, “what is the purpose of badges unstitched?”

“what good are stickers unstuck?”


this web page sucks. admit it.

c'mon, you can tell me. “it only gets updated, like, every other week or something and all you do is post other people's links with your pithy little comments.” well, that may be valid criticism, but occasionally i might say something funny and/or offensive, so that makes your visit worthwhile, right?

i'd like to accomplish a lot more, but there just don't seem to be enough hours in the day. and now that i have been assigned webmaster duties over at internetworkers, i may never get to post here again. well, that is a little too dramatic, but things may slow down. [i know you're asking “how can it get any slower?”]

here is cool shit i've seen recently:

Alexandra Kosteniuk - the world's hottest chess player!

some very cool design sites:
milky elephant
love is a four letter word

exploding dog dot com is a really cool art site created by sam. you send him a text snippet and from that he will create a fabulously melancholy drawing.

Eric So is another artist who is making really awesome stuff. i'm not one for figurines, but his creations are so absurd that i have to appreciate them. going to this site is what led us to the dhky design site.

i hope those links tide you over 'til the next update. i really need to get this whole 'web automation' thing going on, so it will be easier and quicker to post links and stuff. ahhh, organization...


you probably think i am avoiding you...

well, i'm not. the real story is that i have been just too grumpy, depressed, and stressed out lately to deal with other people. well that, and a hundred other things that have to be done, but the resources and time are just not there. work projects. home projects. stupid "web development collaborative" projects. a fucking endless stream of thankless tasks on a shoestring budget.

going out has been curtailed mostly because of poison ivy nastiness and money woes. and it seems the more i get introduced to folks around town, the less i want to leave the house. i don't necessarily want to flee the country (like angry joe), but i certainly have had it with what i see the world evolving into. lambast me for my bitter tongue, but what better alternative do you have to offer me?

heres your better alternative: odd todd rules!

oh, and check out dynamism. now, this is the type of cult i could get into. tho i was totally bummed to know that the wonderful wedway people mover is no longer in service. is there no respect for the past? peace out.


after an entire week of being sick, i planned on getting out in the sun and doing some yardwork this past weekend. now i have a rewarding and flourishing case of the poison ivy. my lordy, how i hate the poison ivy and all its evil, sour-plant ilk. needless to say, nothing of consequence has transpired lately. instead i offer a random selection of observations from the previous week or so. unfortunately, most of these come from zoning out in front of the television and being nauseous.
as you can see, there were no major revelations during the course of the week. hopefully i can recuperate and get to enjoy some of spring while it is here. so far, this hot weather has been wonderful. heres wishing for more.


wow. i actually did something “good” today. and in all honesty, it was an uplifting experience (after a week of being sick, everything helps). you may recall that i cut off my five year old ponytail recently. well, besides just being free of the hair maintenance and getting to freak people out, i did indeed have an ulterior motive for chopping the mane. i had decided to donate the hair to one of the charities that make wigs for people who cannot grow their own hair (for a variety of reasons). the two organizations i was able to find (many thanks to Dan for his research) are:

Wigs for Kids
Locks of Love

so, once i knew i had surpassed the twelve inch minimum for a donation, i had a friend come over and hack it all off. today, i finally got off my lazy ass and mailed the darn thing off to ohio. i ultimately went with wigs for kids because they seem to serve a more broad array of people with these needs. also, i tend to distrust anything coming out of florida (not that i'm saying there is anything wrong with locks of love; just a personal phobia).

i hope they can use that hair for (part of) a wig because i certainly adored it over the years. however, now that it is gone, i really don't miss it (other than my stellar lack of glamour nowadays). when the post office lady recognized the address and asked me about it, i knew i had done something decent today; regardless of how minute the act. it was indeed a good day.

get out and enjoy the sunshine!


argh. being sick sucks! i wait all winter for the nice weather to get here and as soon as it does, i fall victim to the “death cold virus.” no, i have no idea what i have, but it has kept me at home for the last four days. i ventured out to work today -- not a good idea. so, in order to reverse my bad decision from this morning, i am heading home to get more rest and consume more orange juice.

here are some interesting links. enjoy!

Lowbrow Artworld dot com - just in case you haven't been disturbed by art today.

We have the way in dot com - this was the response to the FUD (Fear Uncertainty Doubt) site created by M$ and Unisys. their site is located here; but you shouldn't listen to their bull-honkey.

and lastly, not that i like to make fun, but here we have a bunch of zany kids who didn't think it was necessary to seek the proper permits (and assorted legal hullabaloo) to close down a popular section of 9th street (in durham, nc) last saturday so they could host their little “freedom now” street fair. and to think i almost went to this event. i'm sorry all y'all got the beat-down, but hey, you shoulda known better.


happy friday! as you can see, i have lost a lot of hair recently. it happened last saturday, in fact. this was to facilitate exercise and to further distance myself from any stinky hippie factions.

also, today brings us a slight redesign of this page. change is in the air, i guess. what are you working on changing?

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