jimmy magoo and the little bang band @ the cave -- 02.18.02

posted 02.19.02

jimmy magoo and the little bang band was described to me as “kids music for grownups” and i would say that is about the most apt description one could lend to this inspiring and energetic group of musicians. these guys were playing from the heart and it was not hard to tell. voices whisped, instruments clanged and wonderful merriment was made.

one of jimmy's “big concepts” is exactly the same as one of my own personal interests in life -- direct human interaction. he likes people to talk to one another and sing and dance and generally make strides toward having a good time. it shouldn't really matter who you are or where you're from, but as long as you can tap your foot or sing the parts you know, then you're doing okay.

the group seemed like a passel of friends (which it is) who simply decided to show up at the cave with instruments. they had not had profuse amounts of practice time, yet they worked together remarkably well. it was clearly more fun that everyone be into the moment than to pull off a flawless set.

the themes of their songs are of a simplistic nature, but in that simple way that still makes it applicable to most everyone. a universal spirit, if you will. and these songs teach lessons that we should all know and abide by, regardless of what our busy lives might have in store.

it was really a pleasure to hang out in the cave tonite and see such a down-to-earth group. there was jimmy on ukulele, garrett on accordian, another guy playing a bongo and one with a washtub bass. thats right, a washtub bass. ewell clarke, eat your heart out!

we were treated to magoo covers of “my blue heaven” and “you are my sunshine,” the latter which he uses as a argument-dissolusion technique with his wife. this was the first time i ever actually made it thru a show at the cave. it is inevitable that they will have problems with the sound gear and this nite was no exception. however, to put their own unique spin on things, jimmy and company decided to break down that fourth wall and come and perform with the audience.

we were encouraged to tap, sing, and hoot along with most of the songs and folks seemed to participate with glee. obviously, jimmy already has a developing groupie sector, whom were all present to sing and cheer along. it was a lively and spirited event unlike most live shows i get to see these days.

i'm thinking of asking the band if they could play a house party this summer, as this is definitely the type of band that you should sit out on a porch and listen to -- perhaps with some wheat in your teeth. all around good time.

dave ;)

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