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wall of sound 07.26.01

don't you think its about time that the orange room evolved?


it has been a beautiful july saturday here in chapel hill. and friday night was fun, too!

last night, i got to experience the madness that is a zc.tv launch party. it was held on franklin street at the place michael jordan owns; aptly titled "23." mike's digs was phiggity phat, yo.
one could be bothered by the stream of live sports and historical jordan footage constantly being displayed by the four towering mini-theater sized screens. or the other six screens which flank them, starkly presenting inspirational words such as "jump," "air," and "fly." or the commercials that would periodically pop in to remind you of the value of such respectable products as mountain dew. but we were all there to have fun. and have fun, we did. the drinks were free. the food was free. they had a excellent dj playing new hip hop.

needless to say, it was a pretty fun party. i had never been inside 23 before and if i ever had to do so, then this was the way to go about it. zoom culture was (finally) launching their "critically acclaimed" video series "Hip-Hop Nation ." they only played two of the segments, but i thought they were both excellent. the video production was impressive and the editing was good as well. a friend told me that the director of the first piece was a nineteen year old from miami. this is great because it shows how much can be accomplished by "inexperienced directors." i hope that kid continues to work with both video and hip hop.

saturday has been slow and lazy and restful, so far. it promises to spice up soon, as there are rumored to be a slew of parties in town tonight. talk to ya soon.


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