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here is the list of the greatest musical releases for the year 2000:

1. steve earle ~ transcendental blues

2. yo la tengo ~ and then suddenly nothing turned itself inside out

3. mos def ~ black on both sides

4. built to spill ~ live

5. cat power ~ the covers record

6. nofx ~ pump up the valuum

7. de la soul ~ art official intelligence : mosaic thump

8. d'angelo ~ voodoo

9. p j harvey ~ stories from the city, stories from the sea

10. radiohead ~ kid a

11. aimee mann ~ magnolia soundtrack

12. caustic resin ~ the afterbirth

13. air ~ the virgin suicides soundtrack

14. towa tei ~ last century modern

15. stereolab ~ the last of the microbe hunters

16. amon tobin ~ supermodified

17. erykah badu ~ mama's gun

18. ween ~ white pepper

19. bjork ~ selmasongs

20. bettie serveert ~ private suit


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