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Last revision = September 9, 1996

Hallway outside Master Bedroom Script

Time = 0530

(Ana enters the hallway upstairs, outside the
master bedroom.)

        This is the last thing I need.  Juan didn't tell me
        anyone else would be here - and the gallery's full of
        people.  And Luisa, of all people, owns the house!

        But this is terrible timing for a reunion.  What was
        supposed to be easy, getting mother to take the painting
        out of here, now won't be so easy at all.  I can't believe
        she doesn't like it.  I picked the best of the lot, just
        to make sure she WOULD like it.

        First things first - we've got to get this man to the
        hospital and try as much as possible to get mother interested
        in buying art again.  When she told me she was coming to
        Santiago on business, I told Juan, she will solve the problem
        of getting the painting safely out of the country.  Customs
        will not worry about someone as wealthy as mother.  Mother will
        take the painting to Madrid, and I can take care of it from

        And now this.

        But I mustn't get discouraged.  Juan and I have come too far to
        stop now.  The world needs to know what we have learned
        about the death of Violeta Parra, the terrible truth of how
        she really died.


Ana enters the master bedroom.

Time = 0600

* End of Hallway script