AB Crane ship. CL Light cruiser.
AD Destroyer tender. CM Mine layer.
AE Ammunition ship. CMc Coastal mine layer.
AF Provision store ship. CV Aircraft carrier.
AG Miscellaneous auxiliary. CVB Large aircraft carrier.
AGC Combined operations communications headquarters ship. CVE Aircraft carrier escort.
AGP Motor torpedo boat tender. CVL Small aircraft carrier.
AGS Surveying ship.    
AH Hospital ship. DD Destroyer.
AK Cargo vessel. DE Destroyer escort.
AKA Cargo vessel, attack. DM Light minelayer (high speed).
AKF Refrigerated cargo vessel. DMS Minesweeper (high speed).
AKS General Stores issue ship.    
AM Large minesweeper. IX Unclassified.
AMb Base minesweeper.    
AMc Coastal minesweeper. LOC Landing craft, control.
AN Net layer. LCI(L) Landing craft, infantry (large).
AO Oiler. LCM(2) 45' landing craft, mechanized, Mk. II.
AOG Gasoline tanker. LCM(3) 50' landing craft, mechanized, Mk. III.
AP Transport. LCP(L) 36' landing craft, personnel (large).
APA Transport, attack. LCP(R) 36' landing craft, personnel (with ramp).
APc Coastal transport. LCP(N) Landing craft, personnel (nested).
APD Troop transport (high speed). LCR(L) Landing craft, rubber (large).
APH Transport for wounded. LCR(S) Landing craft, rubber (small).
APM Mechanized artillery transport. LCS(S) Landing craft, support (small).
APR Rescue transport. LCT(5) Landing craft, tank, Mk. V.
APS Auxiliary cargo submarine. LCT(6) Landing craft, tank, Mk. VI.
APV Aircraft transport. LCV Landing craft, vehicle.
AR Repair ship. LCVP Landing craft, vehicle and personnel.
ARB Repair ship, battle damage. LSD Landing ship, dock.
ARD Floating drydock. LST Landing ship, tank.
ARG Internal combustion engine tender. LVT(1) Landing vehicle, tracked (unarmored).
ARH Heavy hull repair ship. LVT(A1) Landing vehicle, tracked (armored).
ARL Repair ship, landing craft. LVT(2) Landing vehicle, tracked (new design--unarmored).
ARS Salvage vessel. LVT(A2) Landing vehicle, tracked (new design--armored).
AS Submarine tender.    
ASR Submarine rescue vessel. PC 173' submarine chaser.
AT Oceangoing tug. PCE 180' patrol craft escort vessel.
ATR Rescue tug. PCE(R) 180' patrol craft escort vessel, rescue.
AV Seaplane tender (large). PCS 136' submarine chaser.
AVC Catapult lighter. PE Eagle boat
AVD Seaplane tender (converted DD). PP Frigate.
AVP Seaplane tender (small). PG Gunboat.
AX Auxiliary tender, large.    
AY Auxiliary tender, small.    
BB Battleship.    
CA Heavy cruiser.    
CE Large cruiser.    


PR River gunboat. YHT Heating scow.
PT Motor torpedo boat. YM Dredge.
PTC Motorboat submarine chaser. YMS Motor mine sweeper.
PY Yacht. YMT Motor tug.
PYc Coastal yacht. YN Net tender.
    YNg Gate vessel.
SC 110' submarine chaser. YNT Net tender (tug class).
SM Mine laying submarine. YO Fuel oil barge.
SS Submarine. YOG Gasoline barge.
    YOS Oil storage barge.
YA Ash lighter. YP District patrol vessel.
YAG District auxiliary, miscellaneous. YPD Floating pile driver.
YC Open lighter. YPK Pontoon stowage barge.
YCP Car float. YR Floating workshop.
YCK Open cargo lighter. YRC Submarine rescue chamber.
YCV Aircraft transportation lighter. YRD(H) Floating workshop, drydock (hull).
YD Floating derrick. YRD(M) Floating workshop, drydock (machinery).
YDG Degaussing vessel. YS Stevedore barge.
YDT Diving tender. YSD Seaplane wrecking derrick.
YF Covered lighter; range tender; provision store lighter. YSP Salvage pontoon.
YFB Ferryboat and launch. YSR Sludge removal barge.
YFD Floating drydock YT Harbor tug.
YFT Torpedo transportation lighter. YTT Torpedo testing barge.
YG Garbage lighter. YW Water barge.
YHB Ambulance boat.    
YH Houseboat.    



Model designation Class Manufacturer U.S. name British name
(Navy) (Army)
BD A-20 Bomber Douglas Havoc Boston III, Havoc
XBTC Curtiss    
F2A   Fighter Brewster Buffalo Buffalo
F3A Corsair Corsair
F4F Grumman Wildcat Martlet
F6F Hellcat Hellcat
FG Goodyear Corsair Corsair
FM Eastern Aircraft Wildcat Martlet V
F4U Chance-Vought Corsair Corsair
GB C-43 Transport Beech Traveler  
GH Howard    
GK C-61 Fairchild Forwarder  
HE L-4 Ambulance Piper Grasshopper  
J2F OA-12 Utility Grumman Duck  
J4F Widgeon  
JRB C-45 Utility, multi-engine Beech Voyager  
JRC-1 C-78 Cessna    
JRF OA-9 Grumman   Goose I
XJRM-1 Martin Mars  
JRS Vought-Sikorsky    
JR2S Excaliber  
JRY-1   Utility (cargo), multi-engine Consolidated    
NE O-59 Trainer, primary Piper Grasshopper  
NH   Trainer, advanced Howard    
NP   Trainer, primary Spartan    
NR PT-21 Ryan Recruit  
N2S PT-17 Stearman (Boeing) Caydet  
N2T Timm Tutor  
N3N Naval Aircraft Factory    
OS2N   Observation scout Kingfisher  
OS2U Vought-Sikorsky Kingfisher
XPBB   Patrol bomber, 2 engine, boat Boeing Sea Ranger  
PB2B Catalina Catalina
PBJ B-25 Patrol bomber, 2 engine, landplane North American Mitchell  
PBM   Patrol bomber, 2 engine, boat Martin Mariner Mariner
PBN Naval Aircraft Factory Catalina  
PBO A-29 Patrol bomber, 2 engine, landplane Lockheed Hudson Hudson III
PBV   Patrol bomber, 2 engine, boat Vickers Catalina Catalina
PBY-5 OA-10 Consolidated
PB2Y-3   Patrol bomber, 4 engine, boat Coronado Coronado


Model designation Class Manufacturer U.S. name British name
(Navy) (Army)
PB4Y B-24 Patrol bomber, 4 engine, landplane Consolidated Liberator Liberator
PV B-34 Patrol bomber, 2 engine, landplane Vega Ventura Ventura
R5C C-46 Transport, multi-engine Curtis Commando  
R4D-1, 5 C-47, 47A Douglas Skytrain  
R4D-2, 4 C-49, 49A    
R4D-3 C-53 Skytrooper  
R5D C-54 Skymaster  
R50 C-60 Lockheed Lodestar Lodestar
RB-1 C-93 Transport (cargo), multi-engine Budd    
SB2A A-34 Scout bomber Brewster Buccaneer Bermuda
SBC 77-A Curtiss Helldiver Cleveland
SB2C A-25 Helldiver
SBD A-24 Douglas Dauntless  
SBF A-25 Fairchild Helldiver  
SBN Naval Aircraft Factory    
SB2U Vought-Sikorsky Vindicator Chesapeake
SBW A-25 Canadian Car & Foundry Helldiver Helldiver
SC-1   Scout Observation Curtiss    
SNB-1 AT-11 Trainer, advanced Beech Kansas  
SNB-2 AT-7 Navigator  
SNC Curtiss Falcon  
SNJ AT-6 North American Texan Harvard I, II
SNV BT-13, 15 Vultee Valiant  
SOC   Scout observation Curtiss Seagull  
SO3C Seamew
TBD   Torpedo bomber Douglas Devastator  
TBF Grumman Avenger Tarpon
TBM Eastern Aircraft
TBV Vultee    


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