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Walker Percy
    The Walker Percy Project
Novelist and philosopher

This project promotes the thought and literary legacy of the American Southern "philosophical" novelist Walker Percy. The museum section provides an extensive photograph archive as well as a collection of commemorative statements about Percy. The library area offers interviews, literary criticism, essays and teaching resources about the writing of Percy, as well as a links library to other scholarly resources.

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Kay Kyser
  Kay Kyser
The Old Perfesser and his Kollege of Musical Knowledge

Which big-time bandleader and North Carolina native broke all sorts of attendance records, appeared in nearly a dozen movies, and became the top moneymaker in his field all without learning to play a musical instrument? If you don't say Kay Kyser, the "Old Perfesser" -- that's right, you're wrong! Leader of a student orchestra at the University of North Carolina, Kyser took his charisma and his band nationwide. His swing band hit it big once Kyser began the "Kollege of Musical Knowledge" radio broadcast, which won huge ratings and sold-out audiences. From that springboard, Kyser appeared in movies and television, and did his part for World War II by entertaining U.S. troops at home and abroad. He had a top-rated radio show for 11 years on NBC and starred in seven feature films. This is a multimedia presentation looking back at the life and legacy of Kay Kyser, from his childhood in Rocky Mount to his last days in Chapel Hill. It includes a narrative of his life, photographs from movies and appearances, samples of his most notable recordings, excerpts from his interviews and reminiscences from his loved ones.

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Paul Green, 1955

Paul Green
Dramatist, teacher and author

Paul Green is one of North Carolina's most revered writers and one of America's most distinguished. Growing up on a cotton farm in rural Harnett County, North Carolina, Green read books in the fields as he followed a mule-drawn plow and taught himself to play the violin, and would later compose music for his own dramas. Paul Green's first Broadway play, In Abraham's Bosom, won a Pulitzer Prize, and was followed by six more Broadway plays over his lifetime, as well as numerous other short and full-length plays, screenplays, short story collections, and books of nonfiction. Paul Green Foundation provides an extensive photo archive, a short biography by Green's daughter and annotated bibliography and index of Green's papers.

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Arthur Miller & Marilyn Monroe's wedding,  1956
  Arthur Miller Society
American playwright

Awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1949 for Death of a Salesman, Arthur Miller has come to be considered one of the greatest dramatists in the history of the American Theater. Miller created a large body of theatrical work that is notable for its examination of the often tortured nature of human relationships, especially among family members, for its preoccupation with the individual's relationship to social forces, and for its insistence on the need to live a life of moral responsibility. Site includes a chronology, newsletter and current events.

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Woman in the Dunes
  Abe Kôbô
Japanese novelist and playwright

Abe Kôbô is best known to Americans as the author of the novel & film 'Woman in the Dunes', a haunting allegory about a man led astray by his determined hunt for an original breed of insect. The hero finds himself hunted, and trapped with a mysterious widow at the bottom of a sand pit with no means of escape.
The works of Abe Kôbô use Existentialism and the Absurd to explore such central themes as the relationship between the individual and society, the daily realities of urbanization, alienation, and social fragmentation. Abe blurs the line between fiction and science, challenging our stereotypes about the order or rationality of science and the empty fantasies of fiction. His novels are widely read outside Japan in translations in English and 20 other languages.

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