The Arthur Miller Society is an incorporated, non-profit society whose primary aim is to promote the study of Arthur Miller and his work. Additional objectives include the promotion of productions of Miller's plays and the fostering of continued interest in Miller's work. 

Link here to the Arthur Miller Journal: find contents of past volumes, and details on how to submit essays, notes and reviews.
Our third issue from Penn State UP, Vol. 11.1 (Spring 2016) is now available.

Check our Events page for CFP, Conferences at which we are presenting, and news of upcoming Miller productions, events, and publications around the globe (these include STAGE NEWS and FILM NEWS).
Information on an exciting new production of Miller's first ever play, No Villain, and a new Ivo van Hove production of The Crucible!
Keep checking this site as it is regularly updated.  Check the events page for paper calls, conferences, displays, performances, and articles.  To keep the page manageable archive links are used to file information for past years.
N.B. While sympathetic to those writing papers, we do not write those papers for you, so questions must be specific--and we will try to advise you where you might find the information you need.  If you need to contact someone about the rights to perform Miller's plays, contact Patrick Herold at International Creative Management, now at 825 8th Avenue, New York, NY 10019 or
phone: (212) 556-5600. For textual isues, Sarah Chalfant of The Wylie Agency, 17 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3JA is now his literary agent. Phone: 00 44 20 7908 5900 or fax: 00 44 20 7908 5901. Check the Arthur Miller Trust site for updates, and learn about the Arthur Miller Foundation.
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The newsletter is now defunct--it was replaced in 2006 with the Arthur Miller Journal. However, .pdfs of  volumes 1-12 (1999-2005), followed by indices and archives of past reviews, teaching notes, conference abstracts and notes & queries, are all available here. 
Links to other American Drama Author Societies.
Annotated links to sites related to Miller
(also check out the links in the Miller's
Works section--above--for connections to
various teaching resources).

Please send any information regarding conferences or calls for papers in which Miller could be, or is, included, news about productions of Miller's work, and venues of special events which include performances or discussions of Miller's work to the society's webmaster: Sue Abbotson and it will be included on the site.

This home page was last updated: 12 April 2016--see individual sections for their updates--Events page gets updated on a bi-weekly basis. 

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