John Henry

There are two John Henrys - the man and legend surrounding him. Pinning down the legend is not easy; it's as varied as the thousands of people who have studied, sung and recorded it over the years.

Abe Kôbô

(pron. "AH-bay KOH-boh") (1924-1993) stands out dramatically from his contemporaries in postwar Japanese literature. His works bear no resemblence to the subjective, ultra-realistic and autobiographical style that characterizes a great deal of postwar literature in general and postwar Japanese literature in particular.

A Tribute to Kay Kyser

This multimedia Internet publication looks back at the life and legacy of Kay Kyser, from his childhood in Rocky Mount to his last days in Chapel Hill. It includes a narrative of his life, photographs from movies and appearances, samples of his most notable recordings, excerpts from his interviews and reminiscences from his loved ones.

Vannevar Bush

Vannevar Bush was never directly involved with the creation or development of the Internet. He died before the creation of the World Wide Web. Yet many consider Bush to be the Godfather of our wired age...

The Arthur Miller Society

The Arthur Miller Society is an incorporated, non-profit society whose primary aim is to promote the study of Arthur Miller and his work. Additional objectives include the promotion of productions of Miller's plays and the fostering of continued interest in Miller's work.

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