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World Music - July at ibiblio

Shree Ram Sharnam

Indian Music
Bhajans | Amritvani | Dhuns

From the internet ashram of Shree Ram Sharnam, comes a rich musical archive with about 75 downloadable songs, chants, and melodies. This music was originally released as a set of audio cassettes on March 9, 2001 during Holi Sadhna Satsang.

This site uses frames - from the home page, click on DOWNLOAD in the right column or access the music page only.

Music Nepal
traditional and contemporary Nepalese songs

A collection of traditional Nepalese songs, available in Mp3 or Real format. Includes songs from a variety of regions and castes, including Sherpa, Newar, and Gurung. The songs are festival songs as well as working songs and love songs. The entire collection can be 'streamed' for continuous listening. Music Nepal is the largest and most pioneering music publishing/recording house in the private sector in Nepal.

Nepalese recording studio

The Chinese Music Internet Archive
Preserving the music of communist China

A collection of Chinese music in traditional, modern, popular, folk, opera, and ceremonial forms. Note: This archive began in 1992 and uses the older Sun .au audio format, which can require longer download times. Despite its age, however, the archive contains music that may no longer be publically available elsewhere due to political constraints of the Chinese government.

'Dancing hasid' by Alexander Vaisman

Yiddish Songs from the Virtual Shtetl
Oyfn Pripetshik

Oyfn Pripetshik: Text and music by Mark Warshavsky (1840 - 1907) . Lyrics reprinted in Southeastern dialect, Northern dialect and Yiddish.

Songs From Moisey Beregovsky's Collection: From the book: Lyres on the willows The calling and fate of Moisey Beregovsky (in Russian). Lyrics and recordings of the melodies.

Vietnamese Midi sequences
contemporary Vietnamese music

A site of MIDI arrangements of a variety of Vietnamese music. Most songs have accompanying lyrics and some information on the author/composer.

Grupo AfroCuba de Matanzas

Cuban Rumba Music
Afro-cuban folkloric music and dance

Includes the Cuban Musician's Photo Gallery with photos taken in Cuba by Mary Overby in 2001; links to pages about cuban music; and other collections of photos from Cuba.


last updated: July 4, 2001

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