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September 11, 2001
a 'thank you' to the world community

Telematx began a visual archive of the world's response to the Terrorist attacks. Contributors joined in the project, creating a photo documentary of the shared grief and moments of silence.


American Embassy, Copenhagen, Denmark

Back to School - September at ibiblio

thinking girl photo © openphoto.net

These two schools arose from the same program, Safe Schools program in North Carolina. This program is designed to provide an approach to the reduction of violence in North Carolina’s public schools. Alternative Programs under in the Safe Schools program in North Carolina is designed to keep violent students from dropping out of the public school system, yet remove them from the regular public school.. This program is considered a "last chance".
Chapter 1:
"7:45 I arrive. I barely notice the barbed-wire fence anymore. It's just become part of the scenery. I park the car and stop to take a breath. I begin the trek toward the door. It's dreary again today, just like my mood. By the time I reach the door, my glasses need to be cleaned again. I open the door and say good morning to the downstairs office staff. "

Education in Burma
Schools & universities were shut for seven out of ten years between 1988-98.

The role of students and students' unions played a vital role in 1988 Democracy Movement. After the military had brutally crushed the people's uprising, they continued to establish a more aggressive dictatorship. SLORC carried on with the education policy which would cater for the perpetuation of dictatorship and which had been implemented by the previous governments. In reality the policy to promote the education standard only enhances military power. To materialize the policy, SLORC tried to control the triangular bases of education namely students, teachers and parents. To implement this policy, SLORC formed the National Education Committee of Myanmar which is chaired by Lt. Gen. Khin Nyunt,' the Secretary of SLORC.

Burmese schoolchildren

One of the first education resources on the Internet - and still going

Site highlights:
Visit web history with the resources that explain the technology (and connect to one of the few remaining gopher systems.)
Get a brief history of education reforms since the mid-80's - discover the beginnings of standardization and merit pay for teachers
Find a specialized educational listserv for almost any interest.

K-12 International Outreach
provider of multicultural events and festivals to North Carolina schools

The K-12 International Outreach Program brings the world to North Carolina schools through educational speakers, programs, and performances that engage students in learning about other countries, cultures, and international current events. This service is offered to educators free of charge!

K-12 International Outreach Program can provide your class or school with interactive, informative presentations on most world regions and cultures. These programs cover topics including culture, religion, geography, music, performance arts, history, current events, and language. Programs are designed to supplement your curriculum and can be tailored to meet your grade level and teaching needs. We can also help you to plan international events and festivals at your school, and we have a wealth of teaching activities and materials that you can check out through our lending library.

computer kids

Hooking Up a Local School Network to the Net with a Java Proxy
Linux Gazette

Through the Linux Documentation Project, ibiblio hosts Linux Gazette, a full text journal online. Linux Gazette offers information, answers, rumors and tech support on just about any subject relating to linux. This article looks at the use of linux in the schools. Why linux? It's an affordable option for many schools that need to inexpensively network a series of (often older) computers .

ibiblio also distributes the software for the K12LTSP.
K12Linux is a group of educators using Linux in schools. LTSP is the Linux Terminal Server Project. K12LTSP lets you boot diskless workstations from the server. The LTSP is all about running thin client computers in a GNU/Linux environment. You can use old PC's as diskless clients or buy new ones inexpensively.

last updated: September 13, 2001

Thinking girl photo courtesy of openphoto.net (soon to be hosted at ibiblio.org)


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