Ladies and Gents don't take us seriously!!!

Comedy acts were the centerpiece of any medicine show.
Skits such as these inflenced such great American television
classics as "Hee Haw" and Seinfeld.


You look at me,
you look at a man that was born for hard luck.
I was born on the 13th day on Friday . . .
Iím in such hard luck,
if itís raining down soup this very minute,
everybodyíd be standing there with a soup spoon.
Iíd have a fork. Yeah, Iím in such hard luck,
if my daddy was to die,
theyíd make a mistake and bury me.
Yeah, Iím in such hard luck,
if I was to die, Iíd have to walk to the cemetery.

Peg Leg's "Hardluck" in RealAudio

-- Authur "Peg Leg Sam" Jackson

Peg Leg Sam is famous for his Medicine Show comedy skits. Check out his jokes in RealAudio

Here are a few more of our favorite Med Show twists of the tongue:

MASTER OF CEREMONIES: How do you feel tonight?
LADY: I feel just like a dishrag.


LADY: I need to be squeezed.

"Donít count your chickens before theyíre hatched"

Med Show spin:
"You should never speculate upon your juvenile poultry
until the proper process of incubation has thoroughly materialized."

My old missus promised me,

"Son, when I die, Iím going to set you free."
She lived so long her head got bald.
She got out of the notion of dying at all.
I was born ten thousand years ago,
there ainít nothing in this world I donít know
I saw Peter, Paul and Moses,
playing ring around the roses.

And Iíll whup the man who say that ain't so.