Twelve years of NMEDIAC: An introduction to the Winter 2013-14 issue
By Jonathan Lillie, Managing Editor

Research Articles & Essays

Reblogging Fashion: Participatory curation on Tumblr
By Lisa Ehlin

The Plane of Mediation
By Michael Filimowicz

Imaginary Modernization and Mapping of Space: Location-based media in Polish urban landscapes
By Wiktor Marzec and Agata Zysiak

Revisiting the Technical Achievements of Listening Post Ten Years On
By Wes Modes

Muckraking in the Digital Age: Hacker journalism and cyber activism in legacy media
By Bret Schulte and Stephanie Schulte

Internal WorldsBook Reviews

Youth Media, Andy Ruddock, Sage, 2013
Review by Michele Sleighel 

Featured New Media Art

Internal Worlds
By Natalie McKeever

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