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Vodcast: Episode 2: Life Without eMail: What’s Wrong with eMail? #noemail

Luis Suarez and Claire Burge continue their vodcasts series with Episode 2: Life Without eMail: What’s Wrong with eMail? #noemail

In which: Claire and Luis each present their Top Three Reasons Why Email Has Gone Wrong?

1) Demands “Empty Me Out!” but also “Feed Me!”–like a man-eating plant from Little Shop of Horrors
2) Selfish rather than for the team
3) Does not help people focus on work (or on much else).

1) Volume = Competence echoing Lumbergh’s video. Not really. Email volume is a false measure of productivity.
2) Email is a very bad management tool. But it’s used that way too often. Email is a very bad knowledge base. See Claire’s number 2. Inboxes are personal silos.
3) Email is no longer a productivity tool. It was the only way but now it’s overloaded and not working to solve the problems of collaboration.

Includes a teaser for the next episode (11 am EST-US March 12 Thursday) which will include a very special guest speaker and on the YouTube page some very good comments.

Office Space icon Bill Lumbergh “Email volume = competence”

Office Space icon and productivity expert Bill Lumbergh “Email volume = competence” in this ironic reworking by the #noemail product Hip Chat from Atlassian makers of Confluence enhanced wiki software for team collaboration. Bill deploys the proven work enhancing and often overseen PowerPoint is his vignette as well as other morale boosting management techniques. Enjoy.

$$$ flows to IM/Chat space for teamwork w/o email – #noemail & Glip