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Jones to San Francisco and Computerworld Heroes

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CW Heroes (last year)
I’ll be in San Francisco tomorrow thru early Monday and will be receiving a Computerworld Heroes medal on Sunday. This is no April Fool’s joke. I’ll be receiving the medal as the first step of a process that has a couple of more stages, but this part includes my wearing a tux to dinner — and wearing the medal to dinner! So the spirit of foolishness is somewhat preserved as I will look more like Harpo Marx than anyone distinguished. The distinction belongs to everyone who has contributed to sunsite-metalab-ibiblio in the past over a dozen years. The list is long, very long and I am deeply in debt to you all and delighted to represent you at the Awards.

If you are in Frisco, drop me a line or gimme a call and let’s get together. Saturday afternoon and/or evening is best for getting together as the awards start at noonish and continue into the evening.

What: Computerworld Heroes Awards
Where: San Francisco City Hall
When: Public ceremony – Noon Sunday April 3

Where’s Paul staying: Sir Francis Drake Hotel

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YOU MUST SEE TO BELIEVE! As promised, the top secret ibiblio project is now on the ibiblio home page!


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