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Truth and Reconciliation – G’boro style

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Ed Cone is intensely blogging (is that a term) with photos, the hearings of the Greensboro Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Well worth reading and seeing and the best coverage I have found (as several of his commentors note).
The Commission is digging into the 1979 killings of Communist Workers’ Party marchers by members of the KKK and of the Amercian Nazi Party. The killers have never been convicted. The complex relationships between the Communists, KKK, G’boro police and hints of FBI involvment are being discussed by all sides (and reported by Ed).

ACLU blogs on PATRIOT Reform

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ACLU has just put up a new blog, called “reform the patriot act” aimed at alerting folks about the PATRIOT Act issues as the Act approaches renewal and rewriting (with RSS, talking points, FAQs, write your congress critter forms and all the rest).

They’ve also put up tools for bloggers including more feeds, images and icons, tag suggestions and links and more.

Via Lotus Media (thanks Ruby).