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Podcastercon – where to eat

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Inspired by my own post about Bon’s, I went over and added a bunch of eat options to the Podcastercon Saturday dinner pages. If you have favs that you’d like to let others in on, then go over there and add ‘em and comment on them.

Remember that Podcastercon is this Saturday!

Podcastercon 2006

New Bon’s is good news for Q

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Mama Dip’s not so little girl Bon has reopened her restaurant, Bon’s Home Cookin’, on the backside of University Square. I’ve always had some reservations about eatin’ Q cooked by a vegetarian, but eatin’ at Bon’s helped me get over that.

Center for Citizen Media Blog

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The blog for the Dan Gillmor led Center for Citizen Media as started up. One of the first posts is a list of the Board of Advisors which features such newspaper nemesises as Craig Newmark, Jimmy Wales, critic James Fallows (Breaking the News), and Clay Shirky. Should be a lively group.
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