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At Harvard for Beyond Broadcast

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Plenty of public media types here already. Most of the WGBH staff it seems. Nice wander around Harvard Square and Harvard Yard with Andy Ihnatko. Quick coffee with Dan Gillmor. Good dinner talk with Jamie Boyle, Susie Lindsey, Peter Armstrong, and others. Back to hotel. Much of the talk will be about community involvement. A lot on measures and rewards, like trust ratings, from others in a community plus behavior rewards from the software scheme ala eBay, Slashdot, and the like. Perhaps too much of the capital side of social capital being focused on in fact. Are all social interactions measurable so quickly and in quantifiable terms? Likely not. More tomorrow at the conference I’m sure.

Innovation as Language Action

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Peter Denning and Robert Dunham have an intriguing article in the May 2006 issue of Communications of the ACM, “Innovation as Language Action.” Getting to the conclusion, which is not entirely fair to the authors, we find these points: