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JCDL 2006
I’ll be at the Joint Conference on Digital Libraries for most of the next three days. The joint is ACM and IEEE. The Conference is happening here at UNC Chapel Hill.

I’ll report as best I can. Sometimes being at a conference at home is more difficult than being at one elsewhere…

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That’s the special this month, and extra special this weekend, out at Maple View Farms. The flavor is great and surprizing in some very subtle ways. Chocolate lavender who would have thought.

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Just back from WCOM (local low power FM), where Tucker and his friend Seon (both 13) took over the station for two hours. Melva came by and showed them a couple of things and Chris Frank showed them how to set up Tucker’s laptop for airplay. They were off. I was limitied adult supervision — very limited since Tucker knows how to run the studio better than I do. Among other treats listeners heard three versions of Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen, Clef Hanger a capella, Dean Grey mashup with Greenday and Queen.

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