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NYTimes oped in favor of Net Neutrality

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Protecting Internet Democracy is the title of a very good pro-Net Neutrality in today’s New York Times.

For more on Net Neutrality, see

Poetry supporters and Stanza offenders

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Rus of Poetry and Poets in Rags tells us that two papers other than News and Observer do a great job of publishing poetry — the Oregonian and the Washington Post — but they also screw up the lines and stanzas in their online versions.


Here’s May Swenson’s, after David Biespiel discusses it
[ in the Oregonian]

For doubles-spacing, the Washington Post does it all the time. Here’s Pinsky discussing O’Hara last month

Same poem with stanza breaks [at Book of Joe].

And here’s a poem by Dorianne Laux turned into a prose poem by the Oregonian.

Ragging helps – Song of Joy

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I am much more joyous and I am sincere about my joy. The News and Observer folks fixed the stanza and lines breaks for the online version of “Song of Joy.” What got their attention was that I had to ask the Poetry and Poets in Rags folks to link to my version of the poem in which I had fixed the stanzas instead of the NandO page.

By this morning, the NandO page is as good as my own ;->