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Confusing to Austin Powers

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The North Carolina “I’d Rather Be Shaggin'” license plate. And shaggin’ video on the NC Miscellany.

Welcome to Durham

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I reminded David Menconi that amongst the local area promoting music videos he’s listing (and I listed in an article below) Durham’s finest and toughest was missing.

He added a link to one of the promos for “Welcome to Durham” which will be released as a soundtrack and as a DVD later this month (I’ve linked to the not-so-family-friendly version of the trailer here).

RDU in Wired’s Top Ten Geek Cities

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No actual ranking but a group of 10 in which RDU gets credit for Personal Ads per capita (in Geek 2 Geek), for Tech Jobs per capita (in Dice) and for Wirelessness as well as for the two World Beer Festivals each year.

SlashDot covers the story and misspells Durham! But the commenters give a shout out to ibiblio. (thanks commenters).