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NC’s Arctic connection

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Not the present weather, but Dr. Cary Fowler — once of Pittsboro — now in Norway with the Global Crop Diversity Trust where he is overseeing an ambitious plan to preserve our heritage seeds (described here by the BBC).

Reading Idolator so I don’t have to

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Thanks to the News and Observer’s David Menconi for keeping me in touch with such important stuff as this 1963 recording of the Rolling Stones doing a Rice Krispee Jingle. Selling out early (and often).

Note to David’s editors:
Like many I read the Menconi postings via RSS so I, and others like me, may not show up when you count his readers. But we are here.

Kiki CamCam

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Don is having fun reviving the old J-school movable video camera focusing on his Kiki Tiki.

Brak has joined Kiki and is singing to classical music.

The camera and set up were invented by John Graham, a great guy, who had Graham Technologies, which was later BroadWare, in the mid-90s. This particular setup is from around 1997 and it still works great (after we tweeked it a little) and Don fixed it to work with Firefox etc.