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Gumby on Youtube, What Would a Unicorn Do?

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A couple of treasures not to forget:

  1. All the episodes of Gumby are now on YouTube for the 50th anniversary of the green man with feet of clay. I love the first one — “Gumby on the Moon”
  2. Whenever I have a question about how to behave in a serious situation, I ask myself “What Would a Unicorn Do?” and then spin this magic spinner.

Tarus Balog faces off in Network World

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OpenNMS, the open source network monitoring system, ‘s lead Tarus Balog faces off with Roger Greene in Network World, The topic: “Can you trust your network to open source”

Sunshine and Open Government followup

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The News and Observer is also running a series on the Sunshine Laws including this piece on the meetings that I wrote about yesterday.