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intellagirl’s slides (from her UNC talk)

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Cory is standing on my foot!

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Cory and Paul by Bascha

Okay Flickr is not letting me embed Basha’s funny picture of Cory and me. It’s at I’ll work on this later.

Everything is Alumni-ated

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Carolina Alumni Review
The March/April 2007 Carolina Alumni Review is chock full of ibiblian info and pictures of a couple of us. Unfortunately, you can’t read it online unless you are a member of the General Alumni Association in which case you will have gotten a physical copy in the mail already.

On pages 100 – 103. “A Blog’s Life” and “Blog Savvy” include a lot of great quotes by Fred Stutzman as well as a wonderful picture of Anton “mistersugar” Zuiker and his daughter — and a box “Starting Your Own Blog” about Anton’s advice on blogging. Colleague Phil Meyer and Greensboro blogger Ed Cone are also amongst those features and quoted.

On pages 42 – 49. “Remixing Scholarship” is loaded with references to ibiblio — often in quotes from me — and to SILS and the UNC Libraries including old friends DocSouth. Helen Tibbo, Gary Marchionini, Jose-marie Griffiths and I all get to speak. Gary and I with pullout quotes. Jose and I with pictures. Natasha Smith also gets an action photograph. It’s a beautiful article and full of ideas about where libraries are going.