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April Fooled by a too smart radio

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I was up an hour early this morning. I thought that my son had played and April Fool’s joke on me by somehow sneaking into my room and changing the time. But what really happened was even more amusing. The radio has some little intelligence. Or perhaps better only a little intelligence. The radio knew or knows that Daylight Savings Time exists. But it assumes that Daylight Savings Time will begin on the last Saturday of March. This year that changed, but the radio didn’t. So when Daylight Savings Time began earlier, I just set the clock forward myself.

It never occured to me that the radio was still anticipating the time change. This morning as we crossed from March to April, the clock changed.

I was up early and not amused. I’m looking for the manual now.

One Response to “April Fooled by a too smart radio”

  1. Steve B says:

    Set forward twice = doubleplusungood. Newspeak works sometimes.

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