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Bojangles! UNC 110 UVa 76

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They did it again! UNC broke 100 points as they delivered a loss to UVa up in Charlottesville today. 110 to 76 but it could have been even more embarassing.

The oustanding question is: Does the Bojangles Two Biscuits for a Dollar deal count for Away Games? Do I have to go to the local Bojangles to find out or will you guys let me know?

Previous teams that gave us Bojangles wins this year were Cleveland State, William and Mary and Maryland.

One Response to “Bojangles! UNC 110 UVa 76”

  1. Andrew says:

    You forgot Iowa and Loyola! Not to mention both exhibition games. This season has more 100-point wins than all the games of Bill Guthridge & Matt Doherty combined.

    And, no, I don’t think Bojangles gives credit for away games — so maybe NC State….

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