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Communities in IBM developerWorks

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Michael O'ConnellThanks to IBM developerWorks Editor-in-Chief Michael O’Connell for the nice words about our J-School seminar on Virtual Communities. Michael was in the very first version of the seminar. We’ve come a long ways as has the idea of online communities and social capital and social networking. I’m using some of the basic ideas for creating conversation for my recent talks — at Berry College, on Open Source for the Office of Technology and Development and for an internal talk with News and Observer reporters. I learned all I know from the folks in the seminars and in the communities (and from the the good researchers who wrote the texts we use in class).

2 Responses to “Communities in IBM developerWorks”

  1. Many thanks Paul. Like you, I will soon (spring 2007 semester) be learning from the instructor perspective as I follow your example, as well as the example of fellow my colleague Rawn Shah at IBM developerWorks, by leading a university course that explores online communities. I’m looking forward to it (and hope you will not mind when I ping you for advice).

  2. Paul says:

    Holler any time. I’m still trying to understand the best way to teach the class myself ;->

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