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Django on WCOM

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I had no idea who was singing this catchy song, “American Romeo,” on WCOM tonight as I was driving home. I missed whatever the DJ said except that they were from here in Chapel Hill. Luckily Google came through for me and I discovered Django Haskins and The Old Ceremony. Pop Noir indeed. Good music even on their rough cuts.
This is one reason we need community radio. This guy is good and he’s been playing around town and I’d never heard of him — of course I’m too old and tired to be a scenester.

2 Responses to “Django on WCOM”

  1. Jackson says:

    Talk about coincidence. I saw Django last weekend at Duke, he was performing at the Triangle Chinese New Years celebration. Turns out he speaks (and sings in) chinese.

  2. roxanne says:

    they are awesome… have you had the chance to check them out at the winebar yet? if you haven’t seen them live, they are playing at the local 506 on March 24th… i’ll be there and i am more of a clueless grad student than a scenester and i feel comfortable at their shows… so don’t fret ;)

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