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Driving to Ocracoke

Paul, · Categories: Amusements, General

It’s a long ways from here. Expect no blogging.

3 Responses to “Driving to Ocracoke”

  1. Jason Baker says:

    Probably too late, but did you consider driving to Swan Quarter and taking the ferry? ~7.5 hours

  2. Ruby says:

    Maybe we’ll see you on 64. We’re going to have Thanksgiving at my mom’s in Southern Shores.

  3. Paul says:

    Swan Quarter also includes a 2.5 hour ride on an infrequent ferry. To approach the same lapsed time as going down Hatteras, you would have to hit Swan Quarter within 10 minutes of the ferry. If you miss the ferry, you sit for hours this time of year. The room for error in guessing drive time over the 5 hours or so to Swan Quarter is kinda high and the penalty is a long long wait. (Sometimes til the next day).
    Ruby, Have you noticed how the road gets better every trip? Senator Basnight will have no problem getting from Raleigh to his Lone Cedar Restaurant soon.

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