You need to know about sweet tea. If you live above the Sweet Tea Line, you are not in the South and you donno what sweet tea is. Do not explain to anyone about how you make tea in, say, New Jersey or Ohio. We will not listen.

Allen  and Son
About BBQ. You know how I feel. Don’t explain it to me. Eat the good stuff and hush up. Unless you are from the “mustard area of South Carolina”, in which case you best keep your distance. That’s for your own good.

3 Responses to “Essential larnin’ ’bout the South”
  1. Forest Parks says:

    Ha ha, I love slang and local sayings. I have noticed since moving from England to Canada how much of my dialect was localized to London and some people have a real hard time understanding me.

  2. J. Rees says:

    Ha! My wife stops at Allen & Son on her way to visiting her parents in Burlington. Scores lots of points with her dad!

  3. Paul says:

    What is the slang of which you speak? What local saying? This is serious bidnez. This is BBQ and Tea (no need to say sweet or iced really).

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