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Facebook follow up

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Heard in the hall. “This class is always boring. I’m glad I can work on my Facebook profile for an hour”
“Your profile is so awesome.”
“I need to catch up with Julie’s”

Heard at the Daily Grind. “Can’t talk now. Not sure about this weekend. Just check my Facebook. I’ll put it [presumably the weekend plans] there.”

The slides from Fred’s presentation are in PDF [correct link to the presentation] The slides from Fred’s presentation are in PDF and the talk will be podcast by Brian Russell at on Monday.

5 Responses to “Facebook follow up”

  1. coturnix says:

    Sorry I missed the talk.

    I’ve been studying Facebook at NCSU lately. Mostly what I was looking for was the proportion of students who post a link from their profiles to their blogs. There are precious few and almost all are LJ or Xanga.

    Do they keep their blogs private even from the prying eyes of their buddies on Facebook? Or is the new generation taking to software like Facebook IN PLACE of blogs (that we grey-hairs like so much)? Will the collegiate gossip and banter, for which the Facebook walls are great, give way to blogs once the students grow up, graduate, and start having original thoughts (and enough education to know what they are writing about)?

    I’ll check out the politics, too. I am assuming that a simple search for, e.g., a “male” and “very liberal” gives a number of those, etc…

  2. coturnix says:

    Here’s the breakdown at NCSU:

    I cannot post at ibiblio, so I don’t know how to get Fred to see this.

  3. Paul says:

    I’ll forward/alert Fred to what you’ve found at NCSU. Here’s the link to Fred’s ibiblog post.

  4. Paul says:

    Fred writes to say that I had the presentation link wrong. I’ve corrected that in the article above. And to say that the paper from which the presentation was take can be found on his site in PDF.

  5. coturnix says:

    I thought so…yet, both papers are interesting! Thanks.

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